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ShopBase is a universal e-commerce platform with a web builder feature inside. The developers conceived this tool in order to make it easier to manage drop shipping supplies and orders. The creators of ShopBase set a goal to minimize the time and financial costs of operational tasks that arise when doing business. And they succeeded as ShopBase is considered one of the fastest growing cross-border e-commerce platforms for today.

The company offers several tariff plans on favorable terms. A 14 days trial period is available for each registered user before they take a final decision to use this tool. Currently you can only pay for ShopBase-com services only by credit card.


ShopBase’s strengths are:

  1. Unified platform;
  2. Simple and convenient control panel;
  3. Mobile version of the dashboard;
  4. Democratic pricing;
  5. Adaptability for dropshipping;
  6. Customizable and SEO-optimized templates.


ShopBase’s primary focus is to create the conditions for a dropshipping business. Using ShopBase’s integrated extensions, you can sell branded clothing: hoodies, t-shirts, leggings and long sleeves. But the platform’s capabilities are not limited to this category of products. All ShopBase users have access to branding for any personalized product and 3D product. Recently, it has become possible to sell high-quality and inexpensive POD systems. ShopBase puts a special emphasis on branding, and therefore any user can easily become a seller of an authentic brand.

ShopBase is a multifunctional e-commerce solution that includes such features as:

  1. Online store web-builder with a rich selection of tools;
  2. Up to 1000 branded items;
  3. Fast items unloading for further use on third-party e-commerce platforms;
  4. Abandoned shopping carts tracking;
  5. Integration with international order fulfillment services.

With ShopBase even a zero-experience user can easily create a complete store in a couple of minutes. Immediately after registration, the platform offers a step-by-step algorithm for setting up an online store, which greatly facilitates the start for beginners. At the same time, the store is managed through a single panel, where you can create an assortment of products, mark individual items and track the orders status.


ShopBase has a number of functional features, which are presented below:

  1. Showcase builder. ShopBase makes it possible to create and customize a storefront in a few minutes. At the same time, the user is offered several highly convertible formats to choose from.
  2. Payment gateways. A store built on ShopBase accepts payments through popular systems such as PayPal, BlueSnap and Stripe. Also, payment for the goods is possible through bank cards.
  3. Analytics and reporting. ShopBase lets you track the activity of each user in real time. Monitoring of such indicators as the number of conversions, the average check amount and the rating of the best selling positions is also available. These tools are integrated into the basic version of the platform and do not require installation of additional applications.
  4. Fast unloading. The ShopBase functionality lets you download and upload the entire store assortment using a CSV file or third-party applications.
  5. Mobile app. This utility makes it possible to manage the store with a mobile device, providing access to a full control panel.
  6. Unlimited website load. All ShopBase-based stores have unlimited bandwidth and 99% uptime guaranteed.
  7. Data protection. ShopBase stores are SSL certified, which is available as a free option in all service suites.

ShopBase also offers a collection of 6 templates that are fully adapted for e-commerce needs. All the themes offered are SEO-optimized and easily customizable to suit your brand.


ShopBase-com provides 3 paid service packages on the following terms.

Basic Base

  • Price (billed monthly): $ 19 per month;
  • Price (billed annually): $ 17 per month;
  • Number of domains per store: 2;
  • Number of admin accounts: 5;
  • Transaction Fee: 2%.

Standard Base

  • Price (monthly billed): $ 59 per month;
  • Price (billed annually): $ 53 per month;
  • Number of domains per store: 5;
  • Number of admin accounts: 10;
  • Transaction Fee: 1%.

Pro Base

  • Price (billed monthly): $ 249 per month;
  • Price (billed annually): $ 224 per month;
  • Number of domains per store: 10;
  • Number of admin accounts: 100;
  • Transaction Fee: 0.5%.

All tariff plans include the following options:

  • Automated web-builder;
  • No sales limits;
  • Advanced analytics and reports;
  • Integration with Google and Facebook trading tools;
  • Free SSL certificate;
  • Access to the app store;
  • API access;
  • Referral program;
  • Anti-fraud analysis;
  • Chat support;
  • Mobile app;
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Integration with AliExpress;
  • Dropshipping products search;
  • Tracking numbers synchronization with Paypal;
  • CSV integration with suppliers;
  • Additional and cross-selling tools;
  • Abandoned cart automatic recovery;
  • Discounts and coupons;
  • Import of product information.


ShopBase is a cross-border e-commerce platform. Looking for a feature-rich and affordable marketplace, the user will appreciate the capabilities of ShopBase-com. Simple setup, rich functionality and convenient admin panel provide high results.

Registration on the platform and setting up a new store will not take more than 15 minutes. Each registered user has the opportunity to test all the functionality in trial mode for 14 days.

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