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Server Mania is Canada-based hosting company. Their servers are placed in next locations: Buffalo, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago. 79% of user reviews who used Server Mania are positive.

Dedicated Servers
A single tenant, physical server allowing you full access to its resources.

Optimal for high-performance workloads that demand optimal IO performance, large amounts of memory, or heavy-duty processing.

Hybrid Servers
Virtualized server platform hosted on enterprise-grade physical servers.

Optimal for almost any project: testing and dev servers, web hosting servers, backend servers for mobile applications, digital media companies.

Cloud Servers
High-performance and highly-available infrastructure, delivering a reliable, secure, and scalable solution.

Optimal for any evolving business, who want an affordable solution to scale at ease in order to tackle any kind of workload or project.


Whether you are embarking on a new project, or you want to migrate to a new provider, the options can seem endless.

At ServerMania, we believe in “Hosting Empowered”. Since 2002, we have been dedicated to serving the needs of our clients. We believe that by listening to the needs and wants of our clients, we can better improve our product offerings and our overall customer experience.

Here are a few reasons why we believe ServerMania will be the right fit for you:

Our Wide Selection Of Dynamic Hosting Solutions
It’s a painful experience to realize that your project has outgrown your current server, and your server provider doesn’t have any upgrade pathway for you. That’s why we’ve built our product offering to accommodate every kind of application. From a small Hybrid server to entire cages of Dedicated Servers, we offer a wide variety of easily scalable solutions that are perfect for you.

Our Awesome Support Team
ServerMania is completely focused on customer satisfaction, so we’ve built our support team from the ground up with the mission of delivering a truly unique support experience. Each highly trained member of our team has years of server management experience, working together to deliver 24×7 coverage. We also have one of the fastest response times in the industry – fifteen minutes or less, guaranteed.

 Multilingual Sales Team
Welcome! Bienvenido! Bienvenue! Witamy! We proudly offer sales representatives that speak English, Spanish, French, and Polish. Our multilingual sales team will be able to communicate effectively with you in order to determine the best server for your needs. Simply let us know what you are trying to accomplish and we will tailor the perfect solution for you.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Buffalo,  Los Angeles,  Atlanta,  Chicago

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