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ServerHub is hosting company that offer the following services: Shared Hosting. Their servers are placed in next locations: Dallas, Seattle, Phoenix, New York, Chicago, Amsterdam, Frankfurt am Main. 0% of user reviews who used ServerHub are positive.

Reasons Why Our Customers Love Us!

Multiple Locations
Our Platform spans across 7 locations around the globe and with our Enterprise Network it seem like your servers are right next to each other. We utilize the latest Juniper backbone and have multiple single 40GB interface connectivity within our datacenter to bring you some of the fastest connections available without the need to port channel. Big Data needs a Big Pipe, and we deliver.

Industry Leading Resolution Times
We deliver fast, reliable and knowledgable support with every service offering we provide, We don’t just focus on response time. We focus on meaningful resolution times, so you can get the answers you want, when you need it. Because what is a great Enterprise Network and Infrastructure without a solid team to support it?

24/7/365 Support
Your Servers don’t sleep and neither do we. We staff our Network Operations Centers around the clock to ensure that the network is running top notch and that your servers are delivering content to your customers when they need it the most.

100% Uptime
This isn’t our first rodeo, we design each network location with full redundancy to give you 100% network uptime. From carriers to Core Routers, every path is diverse and redundant.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Dallas,  Seattle,  Phoenix, New York,  Chicago , Amsterdam,  Frankfurt am Main

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