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ServerCentral is United States-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Dedicated Server. Their servers are placed in next locations: Sunnyvale, Ashburn, Chicago, Elk Grove Village, Amsterdam, Tokyo.

Managed Data Center Migration
We’ll move you into our data center.
We can either take full responsibility for the migration or assist your team as needed. Either way, you’ll walk away with an obnoxiously clean setup.

Managed Monitoring
Get advanced hardware monitoring with immediate on-site remediation.
Track performance of servers, storage systems, network appliances, virtual machines, operating systems, fan speeds, CPU utilization, disk activity, memory usage, storage utilization, and more. Managed Monitoring can be deployed on our turf or yours.

Managed Backup & Recovery
There’s no good time for downtime.
Get flexible backup schedules, continuous replication, and recovery time on a per-application basis.

Managed Switches
We’ll connect your gear to redundant and dedicated switches.
Combined with proactive monitoring, alerts, upgrades, and hardware replacements, a Managed Switch is a stress-free solution for your network architecture.

Managed Routers
Get custom routing policies with guidance from actual expert network engineers.
Advanced capabilities include BGP, multi-site, and multi-homed options.

Managed Firewalls
Toughen up your first line of defense.
Redundant firewall pairs offer custom security policies, VPN functionality, IPSEC tunnels, and complete audit trails.

Managed Load Balancer
Redundant load balancers distribute your workload across servers to avoid any single points of failure.
Weather the storm of a failed server or traffic burst with 100% uptime — guaranteed.

Managed Storage
Get a right-sized storage plan based on your transaction volume, data store size, and business requirements.
Get dedicated SAN, object, or cloud storage in a high-availability configuration with unlimited scalability and 24/7 monitoring.

Managed DDoS Mitigation
We analyze, react, and respond to multi-vector attacks whenever and wherever they happen.
Threat detection hardware analyzes and filters harmful traffic before it reaches your equipment, offloading DDoS processing onto our network.
Managed Data Destruction

Available for $20/drive in our Illinois data centers.
We employ best data destruction practices specific to each device type, including software-based data destroy commands (using Software Erase, Secure Erase), demagnetization (using an NSA-approved degausser), and physical destruction (using hydraulic crushing machines). All types of hard drives, SSDs backup tapes, and other electronic storage media are welcome. A Certificate of Destruction with logged serial numbers and before-and-after photos are issued upon completion.

Managed Network Connectivity Services
We’ll properly install all of your Network Connectivity configurations.
Network Connectivity Services includes management of Metro Ethernet, MPLS VPN Transport, Local Access Circuits, Alien Wavelengths, Lit Wavelengths, Protected Wavelengths, and Managed DWDM.

Managed Cloud Storage
A wide range of cost-effective storage classes managed by the experts at SCTG.
SCTG’s Cloud SAN and Object Storage offerings are flexible, scalable and secure, allowing you to dynamically scale storage in response to your unique and ever-changing business needs.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Sunnyvale,  Ashburn,  Chicago , Elk Grove Village,  Amsterdam,  Tokyo

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