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Serv.LT is Lithuania-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server. Their servers are placed in Lithuania.

Hosting, virtual servers, e-mail

Be visible on the Internet

Website hosting

Hosting – the service is universal and easy to manage. The servers can run all common content management systems (CMS).

VPS / VDS servers

Virtual servers based on KVM virtualization provide the same capabilities as a simple dedicated server, only at a lower cost.


Specialized e-mail service – you will be able to store letters, necessary files, documents, contacts in one place. You will have good protection against debris, additional filters and other features.

Dedicated servers

Absolute server resource guarantee. The service is intended for sites or projects that require particularly high resources. Or you are a perfectionist and you want everything to be at the highest level.

Business services

Hosting websites on a shared server with a separate IP address. Fully administered virtual or dedicated servers. Full server maintenance will be performed, all you need to do is maintain the website and update the information.

Website hosting services have been provided since 2006.
The same year saw the introduction of virtual server services, now fashionably referred to as “cloud technology” or cloud.

The latest open source solutions are used to provide services.

Trusted servers The
infrastructure uses OVH data center servers. IĮ Retrogama is an old OVH customer


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