SeoQuake free plugin review, seoquake-com advantages and disadvantages

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SeoQuake is a free plugin for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, which is designed for efficient and comfortable key SEO parameters . This extension makes it possible to see basic data while surfing pages and searching. Parameters are monitored in the background at the top of the browser window, which makes the tool a very handy assistant of a SEO specialist and online marketer.

This software product is distributed free of charge. No premium versions are provided. All the functionality is available immediately after installation. You can get SeoQuake-com by downloading the installation file from


Strengths of SeoQuake compared to other tools on the market are the next:

  1. It does not require installation as a client on a PC or mobile device;
  2. It is distributed 100% free, providing unlimited access to all functions;
  3. It consumes a minimum of computer resources, being integrated in the browser as a light application;
  4. It provides information on key indicators in a handy format;
  5. It is compatible with most popular browsers and search engines;
  6. It saves time while getting basic SEO indicators.

Main functions

SeoQuake is a customizable plugin that can be fully adapted to suit SEO-specialist’s needs. The functionality of the tool installed in a particular browser depends on custom settings. SeoQuake-com in its structure consists of separate elements and indicators. Each user can customize the output of exactly that data and connect exactly those options that really play a key part within the chosen SEO tactics.

The range of SeoQuake features includes:

  • Quick access to all key SEO indicators of any website;
  • Detailed page analysis of SERP with export option using CSV format;
  • Search query parameters customization;
  • Comprehensive SEO audit of web pages (including mobile responsiveness checking);
  • Monitoring of standard and custom parameters with own indicators creating option;
  • Internal and external links report;
  • Keyword density analysis;
  • Semantic core and stop words tool;
  • Comparison of indicators by domain and URL;
  • Collection and analysis of Facebook, Pinterest and other socials.

An important feature of SeoQuake is the option of switching on custom parameters. To work with this tool a user has to familiarize himself with regular expressions. Each parameter can be edited just by clicking the “Edit” button and making the appropriate adjustments.

Tracked indicators

Among the main parameters that the plugin monitors there are such as:

  • Google PageRank;
  • SEMRush rank;
  • Pages indexed by Google / Bing / Yandex / Baidu;
  • External links and total number of backlinks leading to a domain;
  • Nofollow link tracking;
  • Alexa Rank;
  • Webarchive website archive;
  • Whois data;
  • The source code tracking;
  • Number of pins on Pinterest;
  • Number of Facebook likes.

The user sees all the main metrics available in SEOquake right in the search results. With just one button you can see all the data for a specific page. Built-in Keyword Density will help you optimize your content for search engine standards. In turn, reports on external and internal links will let you choose high-quality tactics for working with link weight.


SeoQuake provides 3 formats for displaying SEO audit results:

  1. SeoToolbar is a separate toolbar built into the Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser. He accompanies you everywhere you visit the site. It may take some time for individual indicators to update.
  2. SeoBar is an HTML block that is embedded using CSS tables on the optimised website. This tool is relevant for link directories and other SEO-oriented websites.
  3. SERP monitor displays data on Yandex, Google, Yahoo, MSN and Rambler SERP. The tool makes it possible to compare websites in neighboring SERP positions and adjust actual SEO strategy based on this data.


The SeoQuake plugin has a built-in diagnostic function. When you click on the corresponding link, you will get extended data on the website, namely:

  • URL length;
  • Canonical tag;
  • Header length;
  • Meta description;
  • Meta keywords;
  • Using HTML headings <H1> – <H3>;
  • Image parameters (ALT attribute);
  • Text and HTML tags ratio;

IFRAME and FLASH elements detection;

  • Microformats detection;
  • org, Open Graph and Twitter Cards detection;
  • AMP detection;
  • Viewport meta tag;
  • txt analysis;
  • XML sitemap analysis;
  • Site language;
  • Document type detection;
  • Encoding;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Favicon detection.

The plugin can be connected to a SEMrush account and show extended data. A summary report on all indicators is also available to users, which can be opened by clicking on the corresponding toolbar button. The plugin also has an integrated Seobar option. This is a separate customizable toolbar with SEO parameters of the visited website.


The free SEO plugin SEOquake for tracking website indicators is positioned on the market as a universal tool that combines the functions of:

  • SEO auditor;
  • keyword analyzer;
  • backlink monitor;
  • social activity tracking tool.

SEOquake can be used:

  • to search and analyze information about optimized website and competitors’ sites;
  • to analyze and track the dynamics of SEO right in the SERPs of Google, Yandex, Baidu, Bing and other search engines;
  • to monitor keywords indicators of the optimized site and competitors’ sites;
  • to compare the SEO power of individual pages and analyze the weight distribution.

The main advantage of SEOquake-com is that it is light and free. For novice webmasters this is an ideal solution that does not require any investments.


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