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SEO Host Site is hosting company that offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS. Their servers are placed in Tel Aviv.

Flexibility is the name of the game

At a time when every parameter for website promotion is important we redefine hosting services and offer a professional look (from years of experience in website promotion) to your next server.

The security of the server from malicious vulnerabilities is of great importance, we operate 24/7 and provide all available options in order to secure the sites with the most advanced technologies and give you industrial peace.

Understanding that the site is part of a complete set of digital activities, we ensure availability and stability around the clock. All this so that you can continue to promote the business and its development.

All our servers are SSD based and have the most advanced technology with the option of connecting an Israeli CDN!
why U.S?

Shared server
Take part in one of our existing servers around the country and reduce costs. The ability to enjoy a dedicated server for your SEO work at an affordable price and with the same benefits of a virtual server

Private VPS server in 4 cities in Israel
The ability to spread your sites across the country is not self-evident, the freedom to choose which city your site will be hosted in will allow you to significantly improve your SEO work. As part of the storage packages on the virtual servers you will receive

Website operation and construction
As part of the promotion work we are aware of the process of building a distributed web site so we are ready for any task like building super fast websites in HTML and also in WordPress, improving the site code, migrations and ongoing management. And all from a clear SEO perspective.

Security and speed
Website security will allow you peace of mind and knowledge that your website is backed up and resistant to any situation with the most advanced systems. Website speed is very significant for its organic promotion and our SSD servers can provide you with just that.


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