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Seo Hosting is hosting company that offer the following services: VPS, Dedicated Server. Their servers are placed in next locations: Stockholm, Flensburg.

Affordable and Flexible SEO Web Hosting
Hosting for SEO purposes is different than traditional hosting.Diversified C-Class IP hosting takes it a step further by giving you the ability to spread out your search engine marketing campaigns acrĪæѕѕ a wide variety of domain names and from multiple IPs, all hosted in your own dedicated machine or VPS. Thіѕ is done by utilizing unique C-Class IPs, the most favored type of IP for search engines.

We create custom diversifiedĀ C-Class IP hosting solutions for SEO purposes via ourĀ Dedicated ServerĀ andĀ VPSĀ SEO Hosting SolutionsĀ but we also offerĀ pre-configuredĀ packages.Ā Often clients wish to customize their own dedicated server or VPS which we can of course provide.Ā Ā EmailĀ sales, and let us know what you need!
Diversified C-Class IP hosting is the best solution for creating link juiceĀ between your websites and at the same time build your rank to theĀ top of the search engine results page. SEO Web Hosting is different from traditional hosting services as it allows you to have unique and dedicated IPs from the country of your choosing, all routed to your server!
Gone are the days of hiring severalĀ hosting providers to meet your needs of unique C-Class IP addresses. Few companies have the privilege of offering such large amounts of unique IP addresses in different C-Classes. has 380+ Unique C-Classes and 18 different countries to choose from!

SERVER LOCATIONS: Stockholm,Ā  Flensburg

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