Seobility SEO service review, seobility-net advantages and disadvantages

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Seobility is a SEO service that may well claim to be a universal assistant for an internet marketer. It includes such features as:

  1. Comprehensive site audit;
  2. Backlink analysis;
  3. Link building tools;
  4. Ranking monitoring.

Seobility-net will delight you with in-depth analysis and detailed advice on website optimization. Thanks to regular scanning, the user can see the slightest changes in SERP. The program has a notification function when it detects serious errors. The service also provides informative reports after each scan session.

The platform is currently available both in the free version and in paid plans. You can pay for your subscription by credit card or PayPal. There is also a 30-day trial period for the Premium plan.


Seobility includes 3 main tools:

  1. On-site audit. This tool crawls the entire website, identifies errors and problematic points.
  2. Rank tracking. The system updates data on mobile and stationary Google SERP every day, making it possible for optimizers to track the positions of the promoted website and competitors.
  3. Backlink checker. The system generates detailed reports on backlinks and anchors found on third-party donors.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of the tools.

On-site audit

Seobility checks the website comprehensively, identifying pages with errors and gaps in optimization. The tool provides data on the content of the pages and probable duplicates. Notifying users by Email in case of serious errors is a convenient option. These could be server errors, problems with accessing pages, or other technical problems. The notification lets the optimizer quickly respond to the problem and fix it before any sanctions are applied by search engines.

Rank tracking

This tool lets you track the position of the promoted site in Google. The system not only provides data on the dynamics of growth or decline, but also gives specific recommendations for each page. The advantage of this tool is that it also tracks mobile SERP. Based on the monitoring results, the system generates detailed reports, which can present both the positions of your website and competitors.

The control panel shows all the information regarding the ranking of your website. In particular, such indicators as an individual visibility indicator are available. It gives information of ​​how visually your site is to the search engine user. If the visibility rate is growing, then this indicates that on average, the site’s positions and organic traffic are also growing.

A user has access to all the tools for sorting keywords. You can filter all data:

  • by dynamics;
  • by search positions;
  • for new applicants;
  • for a number of other parameters.

Each report also takes into account the monthly search volume for each query.

Seobility combines page crawl data with a ranking score, which lets the system generate specific suggestions to improve site rankings. The tool monitors such parameters of the page as:

  • internal links to the page;
  • keywords on the page, in headers, in pictures and other content;
  • correctness of snippets;
  • other parameters that are important for SEO.

Smart correlation of SERP monitoring data and SEO audit results saves time. You just have to make the proposed adjustments without any extra analysis.

The tool lets you track positions both by country and by city. This is especially true for regional business owners focused on a specific geographic area.

An important feature is competitor tracking, which lets you effectively adjust the chosen SEO strategy, taking into account what other webmasters are doing. Also, this function makes it possible to identify new fast-growing competitors and respond in a timely manner to their appearance in the target SERP.

Seobility-net provides weekly summary reports that it sends to Email. Any report can be easily exported in PDF or CSV formats. If necessary, the user can add his logo to reports and share them with clients.

Below are the main functions of the tool:

  • Daily TOP-100 update for PC;
  • Every 3 days TOP-100 update for mobile devices;
  • Local Google SERP monitoring;
  • Number of requests per month;
  • Average PPC by keyword;
  • Monitoring of competing sites;
  • All ranked URLs analysis.

The tool also provides optimization recommendations.

Seobility Backlink Analysis lets you monitor the link profile of the promoted site and competitors. The built-in control panel gives a general overview of external website optimization. The data is presented as a table with the following parameters:

  • Donor URL;
  • Landing page URL
  • Link type (nofollow / follow);
  • Link rating (calculated according to the built-in backlink value algorithm).

An important option is assistance in expanding the link profile. The system analyzes the link profile of competitors and generates recommendations based on it. The indicators for selecting competitive links are as follows:

  • TOP-ranked links;
  • Donors that link to 2+ competing sites;
  • Backlink from competitor-sponsored content;
  • Other parameters (constantly expanding).

Seobility also updates new and lost backlinks every week so that the optimizer sees all the current changes.


The platform offers 1 free and 2 paid tariff plans under the following terms.


  • Price: $ 0
  • Projects / domains limit: 1;
  • Page crawl limit: 1000;
  • Limit of checked backlinks: 100;
  • Number of parallel streams: 1;
  • Crawler update: once a day;
  • Keyword limit: 10;
  • Competitor limit per project: 3.


  • Price: $ 50 per month;
  • Projects / domains limit: 3;
  • Page crawl limit: 25000;
  • Limit of checked backlinks: 25000;
  • Number of parallel streams: 3;
  • Crawler update: instant;
  • Keyword limit: 300;
  • Competitor limit per project: 20.


  • Price: $ 200 per month;
  • Project / domain limit: 15;
  • Page crawl limit: 100,000;
  • Limit of checked backlinks: 50,000;
  • Number of parallel streams: 5;
  • Crawler update: instant;
  • Keyword limit: 1500;
  • Competitor limit per project: 30.

More detailed information about the capabilities of each of the tariff plans is presented in the corresponding section of the official website.


Seobility is an affordable and feature rich SEO professional tool. It provides a marketer with all the basic functions necessary to track the dynamics of website promotion and effectively work with backlinks. You can sign up for the website right now and use a free plan to promote one site. If the functionality of the basic tariff is not enough for you, you can expand it for a small fee by switching to the Premium plan.

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