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Sendpulse is a multifunctional e-marketing platform that combines email marketing tools with chatbots and SMS service. On the official website it is positioned as a universal development for communication with clients and subscribers. The system is translated into several languages, including: English, Spanish, Turkish, French, Russian and Ukrainian. This makes the platform convenient for customers around the world.

Sendpulse-com offers paid plans you can subscribe on with a credit card or PayPal. There is also a free service suite with limited functionality.


Sendpulse offers its users rich marketing functionality that includes the following areas:

  1. Email campaigns (promotional and transactional emails);
  2. SMS (discounts, payment and ordering notifications and updates);
  3. Messengers (chatbots and automated campaigns);
  4. Push notifications (pop-up messages on a target website).

Now let’s talk in more detail about each direction.


Sendpulse users have access to such email marketing tools as:

  • Drag & Drop email editor. You can create responsive emails in the shortest possible time even with no HTML skills.
  • 130+ responsive free templates. The built-in library includes hundreds of templates of various themes and designs, each of which can be customized to suit users tasks and tastes.
  • Triggers. This tool lets you activate the mailing when a certain condition specified by the user is met. Trigger emails are useful for creating sales funnels and for stimulating confirmation of a previously abandoned shopping cart.
  • Automation. The tool makes it possible to set up complex scripts with the activation of emailing and SMS-mailings, pop-ups and other formats of communication with the target audience.
  • Subscription forms. This tool lets you get contact information from the target site visitors. Pop-up, inline and floating subscription forms are available. You can customize fields, upload images and embed function buttons.


Sendpulse offers a rich set of tools for organizing messaging newsletters. At the moment, the function of configuring chat bots for Facebook, Telegram and Viber is available. The user can create his own communication scenarios, set up autoresponders and organize promotional campaigns of any scale. Viber will be of particular interest to marketers, because, unlike traditional SMS, this network lets you send much longer and more informative messages.

Push notifications

Pop-up notifications are a separate category the Sendpulse creators paid special attention to. This tool has ample opportunities for personalization, segmentation and automation of mailings. RSS feeds open up opportunities for a significant increase in the target audience loyalty. Users with a customer base of up to 10,000 emails can send free push notifications in all popular browsers.


As a popular communication tool, SMS notifications are also available to Sendpulse users. The platform cooperates with 1000+ mobile operators from 200+ countries. SMS messages in combination with a well-tuned Email campaign and other sales channels demonstrates its effectiveness in achieving the set marketing goals. Sendpulse enables SMS to be part of automated flows in addition to emails and web push notifications.

Additional features

Among the additional options that Sendpulse provides for organizing high-quality marketing, it is worth noting the following:

  1. Deep segmentation by demography, gender, location and interests;
  2. Split testing of texts and templates to identify the most effective content formats;
  3. Resending ignored emails to improve open rates;
  4. High-quality analytics with detailed reports and informative graphs with tracking of clicks, unsubscriptions, openings, errors and other triggers;
  5. AMP emails with visual formats such as carousel, accordion and overview to increase the target audience engagement;
  6. Spam control to minimize the risks of getting the mailing list into the “Spam” folder in the target user’s mailbox;
  7. Setting access levels for accounts with the ability to restrict access to individual sections (lets you constructively and safely interact with partners and employees);
  8. API integration with third-party services and functions to significantly expand the capabilities of the advertising campaign administrator;
  9. Content personalization for maximum individualizing and building a trusting communication with the target audience.

You can familiarize yourself with all the functionality of the platform after signing up on the website.


Sendpulse-com offers 4 main tariff plans, which can be paid for 1 month, 6 months or 1 year. Service suites are provided on the following terms.


  • Price: $ 0 per month;
  • Up to 500 subscribers;
  • Up to 15,000 letters;
  • Sender address: 3 addresses, 1 domain;
  • Landing pages: 1;
  • Automation: 3 streams, 1 event;
  • Image storage: 100 MB;
  • Email address verifier: 100 checks per month.


  • Price: from $ 6.50 (up to 500 subscribers) to 3.270.00 (up to 5 million subscribers) per month;
  • Account users: 3;
  • Sender address: 5 addresses, 3 domains;
  • Landing Pages: 3;
  • Automation: 10 streams, 10 events;
  • Image storage: 200 MB;
  • Email address verifier: 100 checks per month;
  • Segmentation: 5 saved segments;
  • A / B testing.


  • Price: from $ 7.80 (up to 500 subscribers) to 3.927.00 (up to 5 million subscribers) per month;
  • Account users: 10;
  • Sender address: 20 addresses, 5 domains;
  • Unlimited tags;
  • Landing Pages: 10;
  • Automation: 50 streams, 30 events;
  • Image storage: 500 MB;
  • Email address verifier: 1000 checks per month;
  • A / B testing;
  • Segmentation: unlimited.


  • Price: from $ 11.00 (up to 500 subscribers) to 5.498.00 (up to 5 million subscribers) per month;
  • Account users: unlimited;
  • Sender address: unlimited;
  • Unlimited tags;
  • Landing pages: unlimited;
  • Automation: unlimited;
  • Image storage: 5 GB;
  • Email address verifier: depends on the tariff;
  • A / B testing;
  • Segmentation: unlimited.

If your client list exceeds 5,000,000 subscribers, you can also contact the platform administration and order a VIP plan on individual terms.


Sendpulse is a powerful toolkit for organizing complex mailing through the most popular promotion channels. The platform will delight with a flexible pricing policy, serious automation capabilities, high-quality analytics and pre-installed templates. If you are looking for a user-friendly solution for establishing communication with your target audience, then Sendpulse-com will be one of the best deals in this category. You can evaluate the functionality of the platform right now by simply registering on

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