SEMrush management service review, semrush-com advantages and disadvantages

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SEMrush is positioned as a website visibility management service. It is a powerful set of SEO tools. The product will be useful for both professional internet marketers and novice webmasters who are engaged in SEO on their own. The platform makes it possible to carry out a comprehensive analysis of:

  1. Google and Baidu search results;
  2. Backlinks to promoted website and competitors;
  3. Contextual display ads and shopping ads;
  4. Key search queries and the difficulty of promoting.

The SEMrush functionality lets you do a full website audit, track competitors’ strategies, monitor positions, collect a database of key queries and cluster it.

SEMrush-com is a paid service. You can pay for the subscription using a credit card. It is also possible to test the functionality during a 7-day trial. To activate the demo period, you must enter your credit card details.


After signing up for, you can enter your account. Here you’ll see a SEO console with the number of visitors/visits/views, keywords, traffic volume, backlinks, technical errors and other parameters. For analysis you need to add the promoted domain to the appropriate field and click “New SEO Dashboard”. The system will provide basic information in a concise format, but if you want to see a more detailed analysis, click “View full report”. Additionally, the user can integrate such tools as Google Analytics and Search Console into the dashboard, which will significantly expand the functionality.

The SEMrush platform offers a rich toolkit for managing website visibility. Below are the main ones.

Competitor analysis

This tool makes it possible to collect SEO information about any website you are interested in. The report contains data on organic and paid traffic, backlinks and keywords, broken down by position and GEO. A user is offered a so-called positioning map it is easy to identify competitors’ strategies with.

As for paid search results, this menu also provides information on contextual advertising including positions and ads examples. Anchors and keywords are also available. All information is presented concisely by default, but you can view it in more detail by clicking “View full report”.

Keyword analysis

To analyze a key query, the user needs to enter the corresponding word or phrase in the top field and click “Search”. The system will provide a detailed report indicating the number of requests and the website’s position in the search results. Information is also available on the CPC on an advertisement and the distribution of the cost of a click in different geographic areas. In addition, SEMrush-com offers a whole list of relevant additional keywords.

On Page SEO Checker

This tool is intended for recommendations for SEO promotion. The user just needs to enter the domain and click “Get Ideas”. The service will ask you to indicate the exact geographic area and device. After that, an analysis will be carried out and a report will be issued with a list of pages that need to be optimized. The user can agree with the proposed list or edit it manually.

By clicking on the “Save and Get Ideas” button, in a few seconds you will see a full report with ideas for increasing your site’s visibility in search engines. The report presents:

  1. charts;
  2. pages for priority optimization;
  3. ideas for individual sections;
  4. competitors from the TOP-10 search results;
  5. recommended tasks.

To view ideas for page optimization, just click on the green button opposite a specific URL. All ideas can be sorted for a comprehensive understanding.

Search positions tracking tool

By clicking on “Set up Position Tracking” and choosing the site you are interested in, you get access to one of the most important optimization tools. The system will prompt you to specify:

  1. search engine (Google or Baidu);
  2. device;
  3. geolocation and language;
  4. competitors;
  5. keywords (default or your own list).

After that, it remains to click on “Update” to get a full report on positions. SEMrush will provide data on the website visibility, the number of requests to the top of the search results with an indication of a specific position for each key, as well as information on the competitors’ positions. For more detailed data you can watch the report tabs.

Technical audit

This option lets you identify the main technical problems of the site. The overview report provides data on the number and nature of errors, the availability of robots.txt, and the number of crawled web pages. The system not only informs about the detection of an error, but also gives recommendations on how to fix it. Just click “Why and how to fix it” opposite the error.

This tool provides information on the number of unique domains and links leading to the website. In addition, each domain is evaluated for toxicity. All anchors are classified for easier analysis. By clicking on the “Audit” tab, the user will see the entire list of websites that link to the promoted site.

This tool is designed to manage a website link profile. The user needs to indicate the key queries the site is being promoted for, or let the system pick them up on its own. This menu automatically provides a list of competitors that you can manually correct. By clicking on “Start Link Building”, it remains to wait until the analysis is completed. After that, the system will provide all the data on the promoted site and competitors link profile.

Social Media Tracker

This tool is designed for social media analysis. SEMrush automatically finds official accounts on social networks. If the system does not find any pages, you can add them manually. As a result of the analysis, you will get data on audience, activity and engagement.

The “View all posts” tab will show all posts on a particular social network that contain a link to the website. You can view data for any time period, but by default data for the last 30 days is shown. For a more detailed study of the report you can use the filters of engagement, number of likes, reposts and comments.

Cross-posting tool

Social Media Poster connects your site with social networks where you want to make automatic posts. The tool offers three functions:

  1. Start posting;
  2. View the publication calendar;
  3. Dive into profile analytics (activity on business pages in social networks and audience data are displayed here).

To create/schedule a publication, you need to click “New post”, after which you have to enter text and add media files. It is possible to specify a UTM tag, as well as publication parameters (one-time, regular, on schedule).

Brand monitoring

This tool is made to track all brand mentions. It lets you monitor brand reputation. All data is provided with backlink and traffic information. To study the text that mentions the brand, just go to the “Mentions” tab. You will be able to track positive, neutral and negative reviews for managing the website reputation.

PPC Keyword Tool

This tool is created to manage keywords for contextual advertising. You can manually import a word list or use system reports. The report results show the number of user requests, cost per click, and other parameters. The platform lets you optimize, group and adjust keywords by adding negative keywords and removing duplicates.

Other tools

SEMrush also offers additional tools for improving a website visibility:

  • Ad builder for contextual advertising networks;
  • Website content analyzer;
  • Traffic analysis and rating;
  • Content optimization tools;
  • Contextual advertising map.


SEMrush offers three paid subscription plans on the following terms.


  • Price: 120 USD per month;
  • Number of projects: 5;
  • Additional users: from 45 USD per user;
  • Tracking keywords: 500;
  • Analysis of keywords, domains and backlinks;
  • Key words in the report: 10.000;
  • Reports per day: 3.000;
  • Keyword metrics update per month: 250;
  • Ranking on mobile devices;
  • Number of goals per project: 1;
  • Pages to scan per month: 100,000;
  • Pages to scan per project: 20,000;
  • SEO Ideas Units: 500;
  • Organic Traffic Insights campaign: 30 pages;
  • Social Tracking Profiles: 50
  • Social media profiles: 10;
  • Access in the “Edit” and “Read-only” modes;
  • Automatic PDF reports: 5;
  • Sharing PDF templates.


  • Price: 230 USD per month;
  • All Pro options;
  • Number of projects: 15;
  • Additional users: from 80 USD per user;
  • Tracking keywords: 1500;
  • Historical data;
  • Content Marketing Platform;
  • Integration with Google Data Studio;
  • Key words in the report: 30,000;
  • Reports per day: 5.000;
  • Keyword metrics update per month: 1,000;
  • Goals for the project: 10;
  • Keyword cannibalization report;
  • Pages to scan per month: 300,000;
  • Pages to scan per project: 20,000;
  • SEO Ideas Units: 800;
  • Organic Traffic Insights campaign: 40 pages;
  • Social Tracking Profiles: 100
  • Social media profiles: 30;
  • Automatic PDF reports: 20;
  • Integration with Google Data Studio;
  • Access to tools;
  • Topics for analysis: no limits;
  • SEO Content Template: 800;
  • Pages to check: 20.000;
  • Countries to track: 5;
  • Posts to track: 50;
  • Calendars: 1;
  • Plagiarism checks per month: 5.


  • Price: 450 USD per month;
  • All Guru options;
  • Number of projects: 40;
  • Additional users: from 100 USD per user;
  • Tracking keywords: 5000;
  • Indicator “Share of advertising impact”;
  • API access;
  • Key words in the report: 50,000;
  • Reports per day: 10.000;
  • Keyword metrics update per month: 5,000;
  • Shopping ads;
  • Goals for the project: no limits;
  • Pages to scan per month: 1,000,000;
  • Pages to scan per project: 100,000;
  • SEO Ideas Units: 2.000;
  • Organic Traffic Insights campaign: 50 pages;
  • Social Tracking Profiles: 300
  • Social media profiles: 50;
  • Automatic PDF reports: 50;
  • SEO Content Template: 2.000;
  • Pages to check: 20.000;
  • Countries to track: 10;
  • Posts to track: 50;
  • Calendars: unlimited;
  • Plagiarism checks per month: 10.

Additional service suites are also available:

  • ImpactHero (per campaign): 200 USD per month;
  • Listing management (base location): 20 USD per month;
  • Listing management (premium location): 40 USD per month;
  • SEMrush Trends: 200 USD per month;
  • Agencies set: 100 USD per month.

It is also possible to get an individual tariff plan by writing directly to the SEMrush administration.


SEMrush is one of the most powerful SEO tools. Its advantage is a complex approach to managing website visibility. Despite the fact that the prices for SEMrush-com service suites are not so low, these amounts fully justify themselves with a really rich functionality and an amazingly user-friendly interface. You can evaluate it right now using a free 7-day demo period.

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