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Schlundtech is Germany-based hosting company. They offer the following services: VPS. Their servers are placed in Germany.

Why choose SchlundTech Cloud Servers?

Upgrades anytime

The SchlundTech Cloud Servers allow you to upgrade the hardware resources within seconds simply through the STAC interface.

Performance & flexibility

You can freely configure your Cloud Server according to your requirements or choose from the predefined configuration suggestions.

Immediately ready for use

Order your cloud server conveniently through STAC. After a successful order your server will usually be ready within 30 seconds!


The snapshot feature allows you to reset the Cloud Server to a previous state.

No setup fee

Setting up your Cloud Server is free – a financial advantage that allows you to flexibly increase your server capacity according to growing requirements.

SSD Caching

Frequently accessed data is stored on Solid State Drives (SSD). SSD feature a higher durability and faster response times compared to conventional hard drives.

Operating systems

It’s your choice: You can order your SchlundTech Cloud Server with Linux or Windows Server 2016 as operating system.

No minimum contract term

All SchlundTech Cloud Servers come without a minimum contract term. If the project requirements change, you can quickly adjust your resources accordingly.

KVM Virtualization

The full virtualization allows for a high flexibility when using different operating systems and guarantees highest security on shared hosting systems.


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