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Scene Group is Finland-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, SSL. Their servers are placed in next locations: Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles.

1. The best backups
We use Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology developed by R1Soft for backup, which allows the entire server to be backed up 4 times a day. Thanks to this, you always have fresh backups up to 6 hours old. You can also restore backups through our own management pages. Our customer service can also return detailed data, such as individual database tables! Most service providers back up your files once a day, once a week, or never.

2. No power outages
You’ve probably read how many service providers have experienced service outages during power outages. This is because there is not enough power backup in their server rooms. Power backup is usually done with UPS batteries alone, which have enough backup power for a break of about 2-15 minutes. In addition to UPS batteries, Scene Group’s server rooms always have diesel-powered backup generators, which guarantee electricity supply even in the event of interruptions lasting months!

3. Reliable, secured network connections
Many service providers save money by using only one or two service providers ’network connections. This causes problems, for example, in the event of a service provider failure, during denial of service attacks, or during a surprisingly rapid increase in utilization. Scene Group always has at least 5 different service providers to ensure high fault tolerance. At the same time, our duplicated network technology always automatically finds the fastest available connection between you and the server.

4. Easy to use email
We’ve researched how our customers use web hosting and found that the customer is most often dealing with email. We have especially invested in the usability of e-mail by developing our own Webmail application for Finnish tastes. With the Webmail application, you can access your e-mail with an Internet browser from anywhere and enjoy the features of a full e-mail program. In our webmail, searching for messages is fast and messages can be easily archived with one click. In addition to webmail, you can use old familiar email programs like Outlook and Thunderbird. Email also works on your smartphone!

5. Fast and knowledgeable customer service
Over the years, Scene Group’s customer service has become known for its speed and expertise. Speed ​​is an honor for us and is easy to reach by phone, email and customer portal support requests. Some customers contact us directly via Skype, Twitter or IRC! We only hire professionals and all members of our team have their own special expertise. So your support request quickly reaches the right professional and you don’t have to waste your time with an unskilled customer service amoeba.

6. 24/7 monitoring
We monitor all our services 24/7. In the event of outages, our administrators will receive information immediately in addition to the control room on their mobile phones, so that repair work can begin immediately, regardless of the time of day. Unlike many service providers, our server facilities are always available 24 hours a day to perform urgent maintenance, for example in the event of equipment failures. We always keep spare equipment on site.

7. Proper product development
Did you know that the Scene Group almost without exception produces all of its systems itself? Billing, support requests, ordering system, Webmail, and virtual server dashboard are all developed by our own software designers. This means seamless interplay of different systems and the best possible user experience for you. Do you think the dashboard needs a feature? Let us know and we can really make a difference!

8. Supporting your growth
Many popular sites have embarked on a one-man hobby project and have exploded in global popularity. We believe your site can be that next big success story! We have prepared for this by building our service so that you can start hosting your website in our most affordable web hosting package and effortlessly expand your web hosting to your own virtual server as well as from your own virtual server to a rental server. And that’s not all – you can expand from a rental server to an entire server cluster!

9. Years of experience
The Scene Group began operations as early as 2001, an IT industry comparable to a 150-year history in the chimney industry. There is also experience internationally and Scene Group LLC started in the United States as early as 2008. Scene Group Oy and Scene Group LLC are both 100% Finnish privately owned.

10. Satisfaction Guarantee
Web hotels include a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our services then you will get your money back from the web host. We are still confident that you are satisfied with our service and therefore we will be happy to give you a 30 day reflection period. Unlike many other providers, we do not sell pigs in a sack!

SERVER LOCATIONS: Dallas,  Chicago,  Phoenix , Los Angeles

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