Scammers Defraud Unsuspecting YouTube Viewers $150K in BTC by Pretending to be Musk

Scammers have received up to 15.31 BTC from YouTube viewers who were deceived by “free giveaway”

Scammers for crypto gains have taken away nothing less than $150,000 by pretending to be Musk in a fake SpaceX channel on YouTube and tricking people into thinking there was a need to give some free Bitcoins.

Bleeping Computer reported on June 9 that a lot of scammers gained access to some YouTube accounts and made it look like the SpaceX channel.

After gaining entry, the scammers made a fake live event in which they asked for BTC donations. The event had a minimum of 80,000 viewers so the scammers were able to get donations to the tune of 15.31 BTC. Two Bitcoin wallet addresses were used for the scam. One got 4.08 BTC from 29 transactions while the other got 11.23 BTC from 84 transactions.

This is so bad

Musk knows that a lot of people are using his name to do crime. In February, something like this happened on Twitter. Musk then advised Twitter users to be careful about any financial demands in his name.

Unfortunately, it appears reporting a crime has not helped much. Crypto scammers have a way of changing their schemes so that they can always have victims.

Other popular people crypto scammers impersonate

Scammers are still hopeful that they will always have something to benefit from after the launch of a private space vehicle from the US on May 30.   

Apart from Musk, the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, is another figure of interest. In March, scammers created some videos saying Brad was promoting a 50 million XRP airdrop. Although the videos were later removed, Ripple was dissatisfied with YouTube for removing them late.

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