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Scalingo is hosting company that offer the following services: Cloud Hosting. Their servers are placed in Paris.

Continuous development made easy with controls

Unlimited scaling (auto and manual)
From 1 to 100 containers in seconds, to handle a peak of traffic or absorb your usual growth, with end-to-end automated processes taking care of continuous deployment.

Security, Data Privacy and GDPR compliance
Dedicated resources are allocated for your application. All your containers are isolated from others with security built-in: we take care of OS and software stacks security fixes.

Integrations & tools (GitHub, Slack, …)
Automagically deploy code using the tools developers know and love, Scalingo provides deep integrations with GitHub, Gitlab, Slack and more thanks to our API and Command Line Client.

Our customers see immediate benefits
More Agility
Homogeneous deployment pipelines let you push your code several times per day on many different environments. It’s unlimited and takes no time.
Better Cost Efficiency
With fewer operation tasks, you save time to achieve more: more deployments, more features implemented, more bugs fixed. More value to your customers and your business.
With security built-in, your data are safely guarded and backed up. Our reactive support team get your back. Quality Assurance of your projects goes up.


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