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Satoshi Island – a tropical oceanic land, located in country called Vanuatu, east from Australia near Fiji, which is almost 33 million feet2. People who are really interested, should now that Satoshi token stands as only opportunity to get your private property on this island, still STC price per one unit was only $5.90. This island looks like tropical Paradise, owned by Satoshi Holding, and the goal of the project, is to build a perfect capital – new residence for crypto owners and enthusiasts.

Satoshi Island crypto & Designing a perfect place to live

Legal preparation took a few years, to get Prime Minister approval and now ready for turning into real-world crypto place, with its own economy. The democracy system will be based on Blockchain technology. Construction development and build blueprints was originally made by James Law Cybertrecture architectural firm. Main designer and smart-city builder is James Law, whose idea is to create hundreds of combined modules. Satoshi Island crypto as only way you get unique apartments, homes or even offices to work in. All modules constructions will be offsite and later shipped for further assembling. Once the buildings are set, crypto holders will start to move into.

How STC token has started crypto community

Satoshi Island idea – as a capital inside world of crypto, built to gather hundreds of enthusiasts and way more professionals from around the world. Island inhabitants will experience something bigger than just living near the ocean, they will be a part of huge STC token community, which live & work side-by-side with awesome people, a place that designed specially for crypto industry.

A lot of Blockchain events will be hold on Satoshi Island, and since the invitation are open, feel free to join the community and participate in all events.

Any crypto project are highly welcomed, all of them will create the unique network, among the other similar startups.

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