Samsung Has Likely Chosen another Blockchain Leader

Samsung appoints Woong Ah-yoon as the new leader of the blockchain affairs of the company.

Even though it was not officially announced, there are strong indications that Samsung may now have a new blockchain leader for the Blockchain Development Group.

Woong Ah-yoon who used to be the head of Blockchain Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences at IBM has changed his LinkedIn profile suggesting that he is now the Vice President of the Blockchain Development Group at Samsung. This may have been so since January 2020.

Fn News stated that Woong’s major task at Samsung is to restructure its Blockchain Task Force department and make it more functional. At the moment, this department is not a full-fledged one.

Previous IBM healthcare experience may be helpful

Woong Ah-yoon would be stepping into a different department from what he was used to at IBM.

Woong may have been appointed because of his prowess at IBM despite being in a different Blockchain field. Notwithstanding, his link with Samsung will now help the company to improve on Samsung Health, which is one of the key services of the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

In addition, Woong Ah-yoon may also be in charge of overseeing the health management service known as Limbo under Samsung’s blockchain department. With Limbo, you get rewards for walking or running every day.

Fn News made efforts to verify this information from Samsung but this was what they got as a response:

“We can’t confirm information related to the internal organization and human resources.”

Recent Blockchain Achievements by Samsung

Samsung Electronics has always shown its readiness to improve the blockchain field and increase its services through a larger crypto-loving community that it created.

Samsung has already introduced a security chip to make crypto transactions safe and easy from mobile devices.

Another giant stride was the launch of the Galaxy S 20 into the market in February. The Galaxy S 20 is an improvement upon the Galaxy S 10 which was released just last year. Both phones were designed with no ordinary blockchain features.

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