Salesforce CRM system review, salesforce-com advantages and disadvantages

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Salesforce CRM is considered one of the most famous customer relationship management systems. This software is distinguished by an unprecedented number of integrations. With their help the functionality of the system can be easily adapted to the tasks and specifics of each individual business. At the same time, Salesforce CRM is surprisingly easy to set up and use on a daily basis thanks to a smart and powerful interface.

The system is 99.9% capable of meeting the needs of large businesses, so many actively developing corporations eventually switch to Salesforce-com CRM, even if they used their own products before. Complex functionality and scalability are the key arguments in favor of this software product.

The company offers several paid tariff plans. You can pay for your subscription by credit card or PayPal.

Salesforce features

Salesforce CRM is considered one of the most practical customer base management solutions. This is largely due to the flexibility, scalability and versatility of this platform. It is unlikely that you will find a better development in the CRM niche, which would make it possible to customize the settings so deeply.

In addition to the fact that Salesforce CRM makes it possible to integrate many useful third-party applications, even in a basic assembly the system offers a fantastic set of capabilities. Among them there are:

  1. Comprehensive ecosystem for business process management. A wide variety of features , such as e-commerce cloud, collaborative work interfaces and more are available to a client.
  2. Ease of data access. The system lets you easily import data from Gmail, Excel, Google Calendar and others.
  3. Combination with other business processes. Thanks to its deep integrative power, Salesforce CRM can be combined with other applications you use in your customer service, marketing and sales.
  4. Advanced professional community. The Salesforce user community has many step-by-step instructions on how to use the system’s features, from generating reports to activating customer notifications.
  5. Sales department productivity features. Thanks to advanced synchronization and automation tools, Salesforce CRM removes the need for employees to spend time on routine, which increases the productivity of each individual employee and the team as a whole.

Customers note that the functionality of Salesforce CRM is almost fully consistent with the current needs of large businesses. Therefore, this software product is in particular demand among corporate clients.

Among the important features of Salesforce-com, it is worth noting a multi-channel support service, advanced analytics and reporting. The presence of solutions based on artificial intelligence speaks about the innovative approach of developers. All this makes Salesforce CRM an attractive proposition at a moderate price point.

Price policy

The creators of Salesforce practice a rather complex pricing system. The final amount depends on the type of product and the set of options selected. This is the main advantage of the company’s pricing policy. You pay only for those functions that you really need, without overpaying too much. Below we will consider tariff plans for the most popular products.

Salesforce Small Business

There are 4 tariff plans in this category on the following terms.


Price: $ 35;

Positioning: Universal sales and support app.

Sales Professional

Price: $ 105;

Positioning: Complete solution for teams of any size.

Service Professional

Price: $ 105;

Positioning: Complete solution for serving customers by a team of any size.

Pardot growth

Price: $ 1,750;

Positioning: Set of marketing automation tools for teams of any size.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

There are 4 tariff plans in this category on the following terms.


  • Price: $ 35 per month;
  • Account, contacts and potential clients management;
  • Opportunity management;
  • Integration of email with Gmail and Outlook;
  • Salesforce mobile app.


  • Price: 105 $ per month
  • All options of the Essentials plan;
  • Registration of leads;
  • Lead evaluation based on rules;
  • Collaborative forecasting.


  • Price: $ 210 per month;
  • All options of the Professional plan;
  • Workflow automation and approval.


  • Price: 420 $ per month;
  • All Enterprise tariff plan;
  • 24/7 support;
  • Customization assistance.

Salesforce Service

There are 4 tariff plans in this category of services on the following terms.


  • Price: $ 35 per month;
  • Case management;
  • Service Console app;
  • Telephony integration (CTI);
  • Knowledge base.


  • Price: $ 105 per month;
  • All Essentials options;
  • Service Contracts and Entitlements.


  • Price: $ 210 per month;
  • All Professional options;
  • Web services API.


  • Price: 420 $ per month;
  • All Enterprise options;
  • 24/7 support;
  • Customization services.


Salesforce CRM is the most powerful platform for managing relationships with actual and potential customers. The system successfully competes in the market with other products. Despite the fact that the cost of a Salesforce CRM subscription is not so democratic, even a small growing company can afford to integrate this tool into daily business processes. It is enough to choose the optimal set of options. Customizing Salesforce CRM for your tasks is not difficult, and this is the key plus of the platform. Salesforce-com makes it incredibly easy to manage your customer base, sales and marketing campaigns in team mode, as you can see for yourself by subscribing to this software product.

On the official website you can learn more about all the available functionality of this system. If you have any questions, you can always ask them to the support employee in chat.

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