Ryoma price, market capitalization and tokenomics


Ryoma is intended as a GamefiDAO for game creation and trading on the marketplace, connecting players and game companies. Ryoma price started from $0.0273 per coin. The Ryoma token is the currency of BakumatsuGameFi, creating assets connected to the Ryoma crypto that can be transferred across the network based on location and time.

NFT-based solutions in ryoma-finance crypto

The essential method to run a liquid mining pool within the BakumatsuGameFi ecosystem is the NFT Flow Card, powered by Ishin Shishi. The first 10,000 units will be issued in different versions according to the supply of ryoma.finance crypto, they will be technically identical and considered standard stock cards.

Ryoma token – wallet integration

This project can present gamers with a smart wallet, improving the customer experience while purchasing and selling game items. Gamers can use other wallets that are ERC-20 compatible for trading outside, and it lets game developers create smart wallet software that can be integrated into their games. You can not only trade Ryoma token and vote within the wallet, but you can also subscribe to services and content offered by game players and other people on the website via smart contracts.

Trading within the current platform involves the payment of an equivalent fee, amount will be placed into a liquidity pool to maintain the process.

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