Ruzuku universal management system review, ruzuku-com advantages and disadvantages

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Ruzuku is a universal learning management system that gives beginners and experienced coaches an opportunity  to offer their infoproducts in a convenient and presentable format. The task that the developers set themselves was to provide both entire schools and individual coaches with a multifunctional tool for creating, streaming and selling online courses. And judging by the popularity of Ruzuku, they succeeded.

The key feature of Ruzuku-com is that the system uses a global content delivery network (CDN) to easily and quickly access content regardless of users geolocation. A course creator can either offer one-time training sessions and webinars, or sell services in whole courses. Literally everything in Ruzuku is realized well – from secure instant payments acceptance to a full-fledged system of interaction with students and groups.

Ruzuku is a paid service. You can subscribe to one of three tariff plans. You can pay by credit card or PayPal. Unfortunately, there is no free plan, but the guaranteed moneyback period is valid for 30 days after payment. That is, you can cancel your subscription at any time within 30 days, and the company will return you every last cent.

Service features

Ruzuku is targeted at both private coaches and entire schools and even universities. The more expensive the tariff plan, the more opportunities for scaling. At the same time, the functionality of the service is as rich as it is easy to learn. You can integrate materials of any format into your educational courses: PDF, DOC, PowerPoint and others. At the same time, the creator himself chooses the method and format for presenting the material, and users, in turn, get access to a convenient interface, where it is pleasant to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Each Ruzuku student can track their progress, register for courses and pay with a convenient currency and payment system. Integration with PayPal and Stripe is currently available. A student can customize his account by setting a profile picture, adding a CV and other personal information. Each client can also send direct questions to their coaches, which are automatically mailed. This communication format lets the student quickly receive an answer to the question, and the coach Рto efficiently process letters from the protégé.

Also, trainers can arrange group video calls for more productive and close communication with students. The system has a built-in function for auto-recording video broadcasts and telephone conferences, which will be useful for those students who did not have time for the live broadcast. Coaches can track all the activities of students and comment on their progress towards the completion of the course or individual lessons in a single interface.

The option of sending newsletters to the list of participants is an important plus in terms of promoting information products. The marketing toolkit includes special pricing, discount coupons, early sign-up privileges, polls, quizzes and forums. The white label function will be useful for those who want to create the most autonomous brand without being tied to the platform name. In general, Ruzuku opens up a lot of opportunities for creating your own individual school.


Among the strengths of Ruzuku-com there are:

  1. Ease of use and customization. Even if you have no experience with such tools, you can master the simple and functional interface without any extra hassle.
  2. Functional course builder. A coach does not have to spend a lot of time creating and customizing his own courses.
  3. Extended communities. Everything in Ruzuku is focused on convenient and effective communication between platform participants. The course creator has access to a large toolkit for managing, expanding and retaining the target audience.
  4. High integrative capabilities. It doesn’t matter whether it is about accepting payments or supporting customers from other countries, Ruzuku has everything to implement any non-standard tasks using plug-in integrations.
  5. Transparent transactions. Zero commission combined with instant crediting of funds sent by the client to your account make Ruzuku one of the most open and profitable applications.
  6. Branding opportunities. With Ruzuku-com you can find your niche where you will be a leader. The platform lets you organically implement any business format, any branding method and any form of training.

Tariff plans

Ruzuku offers 3 paid data plans on the following terms.


  • Price: 99 USD per month;
  • Single coach;
  • Unlimited courses;
  • Unlimited number of students;
  • Unlimited hvideo, audio and data hosting;
  • 0% transaction fee;
  • Direct payments from customers;
  • Accept payments via Paypal or Stripe;
  • Basic commerce with coupons;
  • Comprehensive support.


  • Price: 149 USD per month;
  • All Bootstrapper options;
  • Unlimited webinars;
  • Polls and quizzes;
  • Subscriptions and payment plans.


  • Price: 199 USD per month;
  • All Up-and-Comer options;
  • Custom domain;
  • Multiple coaches;
  • Multiple website managers;
  • Dedicated account manager.

Moreover, all service packages include:

  • Friendly support for coaches and students;
  • Fast and reliable dedicated servers;
  • Global Content Delivery Network;
  • Daily account backup;
  • Data security at the bank level.

You can pay for service suites per month or per year (with a discount).


Ruzuku is a relatively inexpensive, yet very enjoyable learning management system. The developers took care not only of the functional builder, but also servers security and speed. As a result, coaches and their clients get access to a truly powerful educational ecosystem that lets them organize courses for an unlimited number of students without serious start-up investments.

You can test Ruzuku’s capabilities right now. Just go through the registration procedure and pay for any of the offered plans. 30-days guaranteed money back without further explanation is available.

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