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Roští.cz is Czech Republic-based hosting company. They offer the following services: VPS. Their servers are placed in next locations: Prague, Paris.

With Grate, you don’t need any servers, but you will be left with freedom of SSH access and an uncut environment for PHP, Python and Node.js. Each application runs in a separate container with a standardized environment. We take care of the servers, you take care of the code.

Billing by the hour
With us, you pay for each hour started. Whether you need an environment for development, presentation or production deployment, you only pay for what you use.

We do not operate our own infrastructure, but we use services that are specialized for that. Thanks to this, we can focus on the development of Grate and leave the worries about the hardware to others. At the same time, we can grow indefinitely and offer you the performance your application needs.

With the API, you can integrate Grate into your deploy scripts or build tools. With one HTTP request, you deploy a development version for the client, then run test scripts that seal the code as it runs, and finally delete everything and pay only for what you used during that time.

Everything you upload to us is backed up every day to a separate location. We maintain a history of backups for several days.

Virtual environment
On Grate, each application has its own environment, which it does not share with anyone. Thanks to this, the applications are separated from each other and at the same time they can use all parts of the system. The web server is only yours, you have SSH access and you can run any binary files compiled for amd64.


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