Roger Ver Complains of Twitter Denying Him from Tweeting about Bitcoin

Roger Ver suspects that Twitter may be responsible for blocking his tweets about the privacy currency.

Roger Ver, founder of, is worried about his posts not coming live on Twitter and he thinks Twitter may have a hand in this.

Ver said his tweets about instant near field communication (NFC), BCH payments ad’s Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) have not been successfully sent since he started trying.

Roger Ver has been a BCH proponent but was fortunate to still have his Twitter account intact although many other prominent users suffered a hack last week. The accounts of many prominent individuals were hacked and from them, requests for BTC donations were sent. There was a promise of getting double for those that would send to ‘CryptoforHealth’ website that is now offline.

In June, Ver accused YouTube of terminating the account of and he claimed he didn’t offend in any way. YouTube later reinstated the account and said it was a mistake.

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