REVV Token from F1 Delta Time to Launch Within The Week on Uniswap

The REVV utility token from Animoca Brands will soon be available to be traded on Uniswap. The aim is to get it set for two motor sports games that will be powered by blockchain.

Animoca Brands, a gaming platform powered by blockchain, has a new token it branded REVV and will be taking it to Uniswap within the week.

REVV will start trading at $0.00666 and will be available for pairing with Ethereum (ETH) from September 4 when it is 12 PM UTC.

The REVV token is Animoca’s utility token and will be useful for supporting its motorsports games such as F1 Delta Time and two others that will soon be introduced.

The first release from Animoca will be a Grand Prix motorcycle racing also known as MotoGP. More information about MotoGP’s release will be given from October to December. The second release will focus on a global racing competition.

The REVV token has some usefulness at the moment. With it, one can pay to watch the GrandPrix nodes, Time Trial, and F1 Delta Time’s core.

By staking the REVV token, some Animoca’s non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be earned from the motorsport games.

It is also possible to stake NFTs obtained from F1 Delta Time to get some REVV tokens. A total of 3 billion REVV tokens are for supply and 6.02 million of them will be earned by those that have F1 Delta Time NFT tokens.

500 million REVV will be earned by those that participate in some activities related to F1 Delta Time. The activities include game contests and marketing. Some of them will also be in reserve or given as airdrops to gain more popularity.

In July, Animoca Brands stated that it earned $4.33 million from January to March 2020 and $3 million in April. At that time, it was managing cryptocurrencies worth almost $1.8 million.

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