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REDO is Ukraine-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting. Their servers are placed in Kiev.

Antivirus scanning of sites
A link “Anti-virus scanning of sites” has appeared in the hosting control panel. Popular versions of CMS, especially if you do not update them to the latest versions, are often hacked – malicious inclusions can get into the useful code of your site. In this case, your site may either completely lose its performance, or send spam messages. This tool, available in all .REDO hosting packages, will help you determine which files are infected. Not only script files and html-pages are analyzed, but also other files on your hosting.

File Manager Recycle Bin
File manager is a simple and convenient tool for quick access to site files. When deleting data, you can now put it in the trash, where you can quickly restore it if something went wrong. Please note that unlike server backups, data deleted to the trash will take up space on your hosting

New in mailbox management
From the list of mailboxes in the hosting control panel, you can now immediately go to view the contents of the mailbox (for example, to clear it), which will simplify the work of corporate administrators. Also now available statistics of sending and receiving mail – the mail server logs include information about received, sent and blocked mail messages. In addition, in the mail reports you can see which of your scripts are sending mail.

Restoring files and databases from a server backup
You now have access to your hosting archive from the daily server backup. Such archiving is done automatically once a day at night. The archive is stored on our backup servers – these files do not take up space on your hosting. You can restore your data entirely or selectively (only those files and databases that you need). Archives for the last 7 days are available. To restore the site, you no longer need to contact the support service, you can manage the saved data directly from the hosting control panel.

New in MySQL database management
When connecting to the phpMyAdmin toolkit from the hosting control panel, in the MySQL database management section, you no longer need to log in. Connect automatically to the selected database, or to all at once. We also remind you that now you can restore the previous version of your database from the server backup – daily backup for the last 7 days is available.

New security features for your hosting
Directly on the main domain management page, you can now view information about the correct installation of the SSL certificate and its validity period. Enhanced management of SSH connections – you can create key pairs, import your keys and manage them.

Password and mailbox security
When creating databases, email accounts, FTP accounts, and changing passwords, the question often arises: How strong is my password? The password verification tool built into the change and account creation form will help you to answer it.

The security of email accounts is monitored by the new BlockCracking toolkit: we block unwanted mailings from your mailboxes and your websites. If attackers managed to gain access to your mailboxes or sites, we will stop them and notify you of the need to take action (change your password, check the integrity of site files). We really care about your safety, but we are guided exclusively by common sense. Our motto is safety must be comfortable.


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