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RavenMoon is a brand new automatized token created inside the Binance Smart Chain network. RavenMoon token price stared at $0.0004205. The project has an active and friendly community and a lot of useful features for crypto owners.

Gain interest by holding ravenmoon-net crypto

Every user will receive passive revenue if they hold any amount of $RVM crypto. Each transfer will retrieve 2% (total 4%) to be distributed to current token holders.

3% of any transaction will also be retrieved (a total of 6%) for further buyback & burn activities. Such a method should develop some “HYPE LOOP,” so the ravenmoon.net crypto should rise just as a raven.

RavenPad is a starter project of RavenMoon central ecosystem and will carry out its program to create a launch platform. RavenPad’s main option is to launch a platform for meme coins so that any participant can affect buybacks and burns for RavenMoon currencies.

Main Features of RVM token

β€’ Auto $BUSD Bounty

Users need to keep their coins to get revenue. In case of holding $RVM, you will regularly get RVM token bounty directly credited to the user’s wallet.

β€’ Hype Loop

Users might find massive partnership campaigns alongside buybacks and burnouts that can influence significant amounts of taxes, which help generate a loop of excitement!

β€’ Buyback and Burnout

Since main charts begin to go red, one can notice a significant buyback and burnout activity that will turn it back to green!

β€’ Friendly Community

Our team appreciates our customers’ ideas and responds to every opinion.


Q3 2022 – pre-sale, Listing on PankakeSwap service, beginning of marketing program, initiating buyback & burnout, CoinMarketCap listing, CoinGecko listing, affiliate marketing solutions.

Q4 2022 – RavenPad (Launchpad) announcing community center with a significant activity and voting process, Processing taxes among active projects to get a greater buyback & burnout.

Q1 2023 – announcing RavenSwap and RavenStake, collecting fees from every swap influencing greater buybacks & burns.

Q2 2023 β€” RavenSwap project integration

Q3 2023 β€” the RavenSwap, RavenPad, RavenCharts integration

Further news β€” stay tuned.

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