Ransomware Gang Attacks Ventilator Producing Firm

Instead of encouraging Boyce Technologies to keep producing ventilators to help victims of COVID-19 recover, the DoppelPaymer has decided to do the opposite by launching a ransomware attack against the ventilator producers.

Boyce Technologies’s ventilators sell far and wide because they have the support of the FDA. Business has been going well but DoppelPaymer gang has decided to frustrate their business by threatening to leak data they got from it if their demands are not met.

The gang created a post to display samples of what they now possess. Some of what they stole includes assignment forms, sales orders, purchase orders, and many others.

According to the gang, the ventilator producers have this week to settle their demands to prevent leaking some sensitive information.

When the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the U.S., several hospitals such as those located in New York contacted Boyce Technologies to produce FDA-standard ventilators. They kept having different orders partly because theirs were also economical.

As a result of the high demand, Boyce Technologies designed robots to help it produce as much as 300 ventilators every day.

Cybergangs target the healthcare sector

Brett Callow, a staff of Emsisoft who knows much about cyber threats and malware is worried about the development because apart from money, lives can also be lost. He says:

“Unfortunately, ransomware will continue to be a problem for as long as ransoms continue to be paid, and this is something organizations should keep this in mind. If they choose to pay, they’re helping to ensure that other organizations will be hit in future, and those organizations may be ones that provide critically important services.”

Boyce Technologies is yet to give their own account of what they have found missing as a result of the attack.

In May, Microsoft said something about the way DoppelPaymer works. According to the software giant, the ransomware group employs a “brute force” technique to hack their target’s server. This gang is now known for its interest in the health sector not minding the challenges in fighting the novel corona virus.

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