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RackForest is Hungary-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server. Their servers are placed in Hungary. 100% of user reviews who used RackForest are positive.

cPanel for funkcionality – Cloudlinux for availability – CXS Exploit Scanner and Imunify360 for security

Our SSD Web Hosts are compatible with popular content management systems such as  WordPress ,  Joomla ,  Drupal , PHP frameworks (Symfony, Laravel, Yii, etc.) as well as custom software. You can select the PHP version as well as the enabled modules according to your needs. With the Softaculous Installer, you can install the most popular blog engines, web stores and content management systems with a few clicks.

Imunify360 has been introduced in our  repositories . It has the following two main functions:

MODSEC web application firewall (WAF) : Based on Imunify360 rules, this includes blocking known vulnerabilities in WordPress and other CMSs, SQL injection, brute force protection, preventing viral file uploads, and other web application-related rules. It is important to have this protection, given that very old WordPress, Joomla, Drupals also run on repositories. If for some reason our client does not want this protection, they can turn it off for each domain in the cPanel interface.
OSSEC open-source host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) : This means filtering and blocking system-level (non-web) attacks, e.g. SSH brute force, IMAP, SMTP brute force, etc.
The advantage of Imunify360 over other similar solutions (CSF or fail2ban, possibly the built-in cphulk) is that it is possible to proceed with the captcha (Greylist), while for other solutions the IP address is completely banned (Blacklist).


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