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R3esolution Infotech Private Limited is India-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Dedicated Server, VPS, Cloud Hosting, Resellers, SSL, DDoS Protection Services, Shared Hosting, Website Builder. Their servers are placed in next locations: Alba, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Ashburn, Austin, Auckland, Athens, Asheville, Ankara, Arlington, Adelaide, Bucharest, Berlin, Buffalo, Bangkok, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Boston, Brisbane, Brussels, Barcelona, Chicago, Chennai, Cape Town, Charlotte, Copenhagen, Columbus, Cairo, Calgary, Cluj-Napoca, Canberra, Dallas, Delhi, Dublin, Denver, Dubai, Dusseldorf, Detroit, Dearborn, Derby, Doha, Edmonton, Edison, Elk Grove Village, Espoo, Erfurt, Evreux, El Paso, Eugene, Eagle, Eagle River, Frankfurt am Main, Franconville, Fremont, Falkenstein, Frankenthal, Falkenberg, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Worth, Frankfort, Fuzhou, Gelsenkirchen, Germantown, Gdansk, Glasgow, Guangzhou, Geneva, Geneva, Guayaquil, Gaborone, Gaillimh. 98% of user reviews who used R3esolution Infotech Private Limited are positive.

R3esolution is dedicated to provide best Services, offers and solutions to our customers at anytime, anywhere. Learn more about the solutions and services we offer:

Dedicated Servers
Dedicated Servers are very crucial for digital companies as it allows the website to load faster and also provide more secured infrastructure for the data.

VPS Server
The Virtual Private Server (VPS), is one of the most commonly used hosting services that you can choose for your website. The VPS services are used to provide your website .

Shared Hosting
IT is a forever booming industry and selecting an appropriate service provider is a hassle for clients which can be eradicated with the assistance of R3esolutions.

Business Hosting
If you need more resources than offered by our shared hosting plans then our business hosting packages are for you.These plans offer more CPU, RAM, disk throughput.

WordPress Hosting
In simple terms, WordPress hosting is a kind of hosting that is specially optimized to run on WordPress. WordPress is a platform that supports a wide range of businesses .View Details

Reseller Hosting
Do you know how to use the connection of websites to boost your business? Are you aware of web reseller hosting services?Well, if not, you are about to be introduced to a whole new world.View Details

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers.View Details

Offshore Service
We are one of the most experienced offshore web hosting companies in the world, with 8 offshore locations, our own Anti-DDoS Attack network, thousands of dedicated servers and IP addresses,

SERVER LOCATIONS: Alba,  Amsterdam,  Atlanta,  Ashburn , Austin,  Auckland,  Athens,  Asheville,  Ankara,  Arlington… More

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