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QHoster is Uruguay-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Resellers, SSL, Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server. Their servers are placed in next locations: Miami, Piscataway, Dallas, Los Angeles, Sofia, Milano, Siauliai, Amsterdam, Zurich, Moscow, Paris, Bristol, Coventry, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, New York, Roubaix, Strasbourg, Frankfurt am Main, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Sidney. 35% of user reviews who used QHoster are positive.

-High Quality Services With Instant Activation
-All Our Services Are Monitored To Ensure Highest Quality
-Flexible Services And Instant Anytime Upgrades
-Pay The Way You Prefer – Multiple Payment Options
-No Waiting – Instant Activation Of Ordered Services

Variety of Payment Methods

PayPal, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Skrill, Payza, Bitcoin, cashU, Ukash, Paysafecard, OKPay, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, Credit/Debit Card and¬†more¬†…

Modern and Powerful Hardware

We always use the most modern and powerful HP and Supermicro servers with Intel Xeon processors that ensures your website speed will be lightening fast.

Service Since 2004

We have been in the web hosting and domain name business since 2004, and guarantee great experience and high quality of all services offered.

Instant Setup & Geo Locations

FREE and instant setup Рyou don’t have to wait. 9 geo locations: United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Lithuania,
France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, Mexico, Italy, Russia

24/7/365 Customer Support

With us, you can always get help for existing web hosting, domain name, VPS or dedicated servers. You can also explore new options via our Support Center.

Uptime 99.9%

The server and software equipment combined with high class data centers and constant monitoring of all services allows us to reach¬†99.9% uptime¬†–¬†Service Status.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Miami,¬† Piscataway,¬† Dallas , Los Angeles,¬† Sofia,¬† Milano,¬† Siauliai,¬† Amsterdam,¬† Zurich,¬† Moscow… More

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  1. Aoife Neville says:

    I never had downtime and my site loads very fast. The customer service is outstanding, QHoster OpenVZ VPS hosting service included is AMAZING, and the price is unbeatable. Go with them, they are good!

  2. Boris Terrell says:

    I am new here so I am confused on all of this for now. But one thing I am not confused about is how amazing QHoster customer service is. Nick was fast to answer my questions and really nice. He stayed with me until I got everything done correctly. He should get a promotion just saying, and being honest.

  3. Mallory Hook says:

    If I ever hear tale of someone looking for a web site hosting service, you better believe I will be recommending QHoster without any hesitation. It is surely nice to have someone that has patience, is polite and knows what they are doing!

  4. Max Lamb says:

    QHoster VPS host even paid for my domain name, and setup was within a few minutes of ordering. Following their suggestions, I was able to solve the problem quickly and get things operating smoothly again. Great customer service.

  5. Kendal Dawson says:

    My experience with this web host has been satisfying, very satisfying indeed. During that period there were only a handful of service failures, all of them quickly fixed with no noticeable impact on website and mail availability. Planned maintenance was always notified well ahead of time, and had no impact on availability. Will certainly recommend QHoster dedicated servers to anybody looking for this type of service. Great work guys.

  6. Maksymilian Kay says:

    Some people have knocked the support but the ticket system is usually very fast and efficient and they always respond in a polite and professional matter. QHoster VPS hosting is far superior, – they solve problems and on an extremely timely manner. When I have a problem – their technicians get information which I can give them and determine what the problem is and fix it for me, while in most cases, you are in an IM session.

  7. Charlie Harper says:

    I been with QHoster for over 9 months now i host 6 sites with the one 2 online shops. Guaranteed to give you uptime that is unfailing, I’ve placed my solid trust in this provider for my web hosting needs. With the tools that they have, I find it very easy to set up my website to my own preference. I thought I’ll have a hard time running my website, but it’s fairly easy. In fact, I enjoyed the hands on experience.

  8. Isaac Leal says:

    QHoster is the best web host out there in the hosting services market. No other can fade this awesome hosting provider. I was shocked at the speed everything was done. I have tried many other web hosts and none can compare to QHoster.

  9. Josef Oneal says:

    The amount of care and concern displayed by QHoster and their employees was a breath of fresh air in contrast to the run-around received by, other hosting providers I do business with, all of whom were passing the buck and arrogantly I may add! Recommended.

  10. Efan Redman says:

    I’ve been with QHoster since May of 2021 and i have to say my experience with the host has been really good. My websites have been down a few times but just temporarily. I have never regretted moving to this host and highly recommend them.

  11. Saad Mcintyre says:

    QHoster is the way to go. The technical support people are real people who make me feel important and taken care of. This is crucial, as they will be the ones looking after the hosting environments of my clients. I also appreciate the fact that QHoster is web host.

  12. Dillan Hogg says:

    I’ve been relying on QHoster for over 4 months and have formed a long term business relationship. The quality of the service and support has been exemplary and our business would not be where it is today without the assistance and skills of their tech team. I would thoroughly recommend QHoster to any business looking for hosting, support and a personal touch to there web requirements.

  13. Rima Mendoza says:

    I wanna say that QHoster web host is an island of quality in a sea of flotsam. Not only are they one of the best value providers I could find, but I have been impressed with the page load speeds that my WordPress site achieves on their servers, a factor that I rate highly. Keep up the good work!

  14. Mitch Overland says:

    Nice selection of included scripts, CPanel and many others that the high priced sites do not offer or support. Good service. I use the site to run my business and check e-mail on it everyday, and QHoster provider’s network performance is about as fast as any of the other services out there, but for about half the price. Shell access and access to standard unix tools is great. Four other sites I tried kept crashing, but this one has been great!

  15. Jim Kegley says:

    QHoster is awesome web host. I’ve been with them for 5 months and they always sort out any problem in minutes. This is invaluable. Literally minutes, even if I don’t always understand what to ask they are patient and always figure it out. I take great pleasure in recommend these guys they really know what they are doing.

  16. Grady Huertas says:

    I have been runing my clients’ 5 web sites with QHoster web host for about 3 months. Easy to set up, paypal payments means that from the US my payments are easily done, and any isues we’ve come up with have been solved through the online support chat by people who are always helpful and polite. Well done guys.

  17. Fermin Scarpelli says:

    I’ve been using QHoster steadily for the past year for my website and reseller service. I’ve also used them a number of years ago as well. Overall, I am very happy with the services QHoster has provided and will continue on with them. The only thing I would like to see in the future is an upgraded HTML editor.

  18. Spencer Bolz says:

    I have one main site and 3 other sites as add on domains with QHoster. The uptime is excellent, the value is great. I have never had to wait more than a few minutes for wonderful customer service. When I first started I needed a lot of help and they were very good with answering my many, many questions.

  19. Warren Crockett says:

    Keep up the good work. We are proud of QHoster entire team. Thank you & have a blessed week ahead!

  20. ShawnForry says:

    I have more than 10 years of experience in developing and hosting websites and applications using different types of technologies, but this is the first time I deal with such a great web hosting provider like QHoster provider. Everything works fine.

  21. BillyCogdell says:

    With QHoster KVM VPS hosting I have about 100% uptime and that makes me patient and happy. I run portal and need to have it online all the time. Thanks their team of professionals for such quality web hosting service. They are #1 provider for me! And – yes – they are recommended!

  22. JeremyZamora says:

    I have dealt with many different providers, trying to solve many different problems. QHoster is good host. I paid $4/mo via bitcoin and setup was fast and my website was running in 10 minutes. I know from personal experience that their chat support is online 24/7 and I personally use it quite a lot.

  23. LinoSward says:

    I am VERY satisfied with QHoster wordpress hosting service. They certainly have built the provider with a customer focused attitude and I couldn’t be more pleased. The speed of my websites has been amazing since I switched from my old host and that was the main factor that made me want to switch in the first place.

  24. NelsonLegrand says:

    Great support. Never had to wait more than 20 minutes for help. We have never had any downtime using QHoster web hosting service, and the pricing for the managed server packages is fair and transparent. I had a question and using your online chat I was able to get a QUICK support and my issue was solve very fast. Thanks!

  25. MarianoJanis says:

    It’s time for good feedback. ūüôā I just want to say that I’m very satisfied every time when I have conversation with your “live chat” team. Today I has a conversation with QHoster IT expert and I’m happy again. All the best for you and your team! Recommend their hosting services to all webmasters and newbies.

  26. WilbertPinegar says:

    I’m not knowledgeable enough at this point to really review the web building capabilities, but from what I’ve read their servers are really good. QHoster builder seems okay, but I’m going the wordpress route because of the needs of a band website. Recommended.

  27. Pedro Mcaleer says:

    What I wanted to say that load speed is much faster now. I like it very much. I can say that QHoster pricing is so cheap. a great plus for them. The server uptime and speed connectivity are superb and consistent. I have never had a problem with editing my pages and users getting to my web site.