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PTisp is Portugal-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting, Resellers, SSL. Their servers are placed in Portugal. 100% of user reviews who used PTisp are positive.

More than a company or a brand, we are a team that invests daily on a mission of being what the customer needs. By email, help-desk, online support or telephone, 24x7x365, regardless of the calendar date – weekend, holidays, Easter, Christmas…

Why PTisp?

Our team

We do not measure the competence of our staff only by the curriculum credentials but, above all, for the dedication that they invest in the growing knowledge and adaptability to the needs of the company and the client. We are not just any team. We are, we live and breathe internet!

The Quality of our Infrastructure vs our price

Our support is free and specialized, available through several channels 24x7x365. We will hear you, and above all understand you. We have an experienced, polite team that will always be available to work with you.

Our Customer Support

Because we do pick up the phone being always available for your needs! We’ll support you in all processes, but fundamentally never fail you when you have urgent problems that need immediate answers. Regardless of the time or date on the calendar, We are here!


After 18 years of market presence, we maintain the same address, the same contacts and the same direction, so what has changed? Every day we multiply the number of customers. Every day more and more people entrust us with their online business, their personal pages, their email accounts, and most importantly, parts of their lives! We assume a position that is clear, honest and totally committed with the truth!

Social and Ecological Consciousness

Although focusing more on this at our premises, and being part of several social solidarity actions and awareness in our community, we are not displaced from the general social context and its problems. As such we actively participate in sponsoring various national and international social help entities.

We’re up to your challenge

Because we are always ahead of the present, we do not let ourselves get caught unaware by any technical novelty. We have a permanent team of specialized, curious and daring people in the laboratory, capable of carrying out any project! No, we do not know everything, but we are capable of everything…


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