Protest by Buying Bitcoins Says Bitcoin and Black American Author

Isaiah Jackson, an author, has suggested a new protest style on the financial institutions for those who cannot do a street march.

Isaiah Johnson, a black American author and ardent supporter of cryptocurrency, feels one of the best ways to protest against the government over the killing of George Floyd is to support crypto.

He was happy at those who carried placards that showed interest in cryptocurrency.

Jackson spoke to Cointelegraph on June 4, saying he welcomed pictures on social media of protesters holding up signs promoting the cryptocurrency.

He described the refusal of the blacks to be a part of the economic system as painful. He said a broken economic system is the number one cause of violence:

“You get these clashes and police start killing black men and it’s all just a domino effect…so I think them holding signs is them saying, ‘Hey once this is over, remember who the real enemy is’.” 

Jackson thinks that things are not going well in the economy. He considers the printing of money by the Federal Reserve and high unemployment rate as indicators. In his opinion, introducing Bitcoin into the economy could be a solution.

Calls for a crypto solution

George Floyd’s death has stirred serious controversies. The blacks want their rights to be upheld as citizens and for the police to be restructured. Some are clamoring that Bitcoin will help. These Bitcoin advocates were found protesting with Jackson’s name and book title all over New Jersey, North Carolina and as far as London.

Jackson likes the protest and adds that another way to do it is by purchasing large quantities of Bitcoin. Jackson is the first person that started the “Bitcoin is a peaceful protest” move around June/July last year while selling his books before Changpang Zhao of Binance said the same thing in a Tweet on June 1. This is what Jackson says:

 “I usually say that that the most peaceful protest you can do is simply buying Bitcoin on a regular basis, because you’re just moving your money out of this system into what I believe is a better and hard money system that can be used in the future.”

Challenges of adopting bitcoin

Jackson regretted that Bitcoin adoption in the black community is still not possible at the moment because not many use it. Only about 10 out of 100 blacks use Bitcoin and not even up to 1% use it all the time.

Jackson is also concerned about how the media talks about the blacks. He likened it to the wide disapproval of Bitcoin. He said:

“Honestly, the perception of Bitcoin in the media has been eerily close to how black people have been perceived.”

He wants the media to verify any information they get because they act most times based on lies.

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