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Pro IT is Estonia-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting. Their servers are placed in Estonia.

IT experience from hotel chains to universities
10 years on the market

Each company’s IT infrastructure is unique. We know from our experience that the design of the Wi-Fi network of Tallinn University with 200 base stations needs a completely different approach than the information systems of a production company.

IT systems in 30+ hotels
We create synergies between hotel systems. We virtualize servers, create a unified and secure solution for document sharing, and create a central AD domain. See the example of the Unique Hotels group.

1000+ users on the Wi-Fi network
We have designed Wi-Fi networks with a very large user base that have lasted for more than 7 years. One of the most complex wifi projects in the Pro IT portfolio is the Wi-Fi network of Tallinn University. Read about the example of the TU network.


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