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SCAM ALERT! is no longer making payment since October 25, 2019. Do not invest.

[hyip-details-top] is a company which specializes in development of the IT technologies based on implementation of artificial intelligence and robotics in alternative financial institutions for the purpose of their direct and maximum development and improvement and also full readiness for application and effective use in the majority of fields of human activity and primary branches of activity, applying own developments, innovative solutions giving the chance to simplify all available financial procedures including mutual payments, online exchanges, purchase and sale of shares, and many other things, for the large-scale economic growth, stability and financial safety of token holders. Profit.Foundation is officially registered in the United Kingdom, under company number 11934147. 

Profit Foundation Account

Q: What brings income to the company?
Profit.Foundation is provided with the general capital turnover of the company which consists of income from various activity of the company (acquisition of the most perspective tokens with use of insider information and analytical opportunities of the developed and constantly improving artificial intelligence, either receiving those, or the organization and participation in private transactions as the guarantor or the buyer/seller, provision of services in the sphere of consulting and management of valuable assets and derivatives, development of personal high-tech decisions for any business and its corporate segment, also profit is generated by means of profitable elements of all platform which are planned to be realized in the future, or are already realized now, within the Profit Foundation project.

Q: How do payments happen?
Payments are made in the manual mode, daily and without days off on the basis of applications of clients, and are available right after charge of profit on balance of the personal account of the client, under the terms of open deposits.

Q: How much time can withdrawal from the personal account to my purse take?
You can order withdrawal from the personal account at any time, convenient for you. Process of receiving means can take to 24 hours.

Q: Can i use the same computer and IP address to register my friends?
Of course, you can register multiple accounts on the condition that they do not have partnership (referral) connections.

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