Portis Wallet Review

Portis has made it look as if blockchain wallets are the most basic things in the crypto space. It makes establishing access to dApps as easy as ABC.

Its existence has made people to forget about what they could not achieve with the popular web3 wallets such as Metamask, which cannot work except a particular kind of web browser or browser extension comes into play.

With Portis, blockchain wallet owners do not need to worry about using specific web browsers, browser extensions or devices. They are good to go with just their email addresses.


The people that established Portis were Tom Teman and Itay Radotzki. This happened in May 2018.

The two had been colleagues at WatchDox, which was later bought by Blackberry.

Four months after it was founded, Portis organized a seed fund in which F2 Capital took advantage of. F2 Capital is known for investing in startups and most of them are located in Israel.

Reasons to choose Portis

  • Suitable for a newbie

Joining Portis is free of hassles so inexperienced crypto users find it extremely easy to get on board. These new comers are pleased with the simple requirements of a username and password to get started unlike some other places where they have been asked to download a browser extension or use specific kinds of browsers.

Instead of mandating them to learn new words like private keys, they are only required to join the team with their email addresses. Nevertheless, they are not scared of losing their funds because Portis is still a non-custodial wallet.

  • Use of Local Currency

It is often tedious to buy cryptocurrency for use on a dApp but Portis users are grateful for the opportunity they have to buy cryptocurrencies with their debit or credit cards.

Debit/credit cards can be used to buy ETH, BTC, and DAI.

  • More than one blockchain

Unlike some wallets such as Metamask that support just the Ethereum blockchain, Portis embraces not just Ethereum, but also Bitcoin and EOS.

  • Developers love it

Developers have no problems adding Portis to dApps, whether old or new. Portis has outlined the code which developers can duplicate so as to appear on their platforms.

Using Portis

To know how Portis does its things, we will be illustrating with what they have put up on https://cryptopuppers.co/

·         Once you are there, continue by clicking on any dApp

·         A window will appear instructing the user to join with a Portis wallet. From here, you can also create one if you don’t have.

·         Go ahead and click the log in button. When it asks you to enter your details, just move your mouse below and decide to create a new wallet.

·         Choose the username and password you can remember. Then go ahead to click on the “Register” button.

·         After clicking “Register”, another window will pop up asking you to confirm the details you submitted. If you think everything was perfect, go ahead and click “confirm.”

·         That’s all. With just an email and password, you can now have a wallet that can always link you to Portis.

·         You can now use your credit card to buy any of the supported cryptocurrencies if you would like to fund your wallet.

Staying Connected

We understand that you can easily get carried away by your busy schedules and you may forget to check up on new information. However, if you follow Portis on Twitter and join on Telegram, you will always see something about it even if you don’t go checking by yourself. But sometimes, you may be less busy and feel like reading something. When you are in such a condition, don’t fail to go through their blogposts on Medium. Finally, every developer should try to visit GitHub to know how they can benefit from Portis Wallet.

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