Popular Tourist Center in South Korea Adopts COVID-19 Blockchain App

Instead of closing operations because of COVID-19, a South Korean tourist island has figured out a way to cater to the needs of visitors while ensuring maximum safety.

Jeju Island is located in the southern part of South Korea. Virtually everyone in South Korea knows about it and up to 15 million people go there every year.

Now, every visitor going there is required to have a decentralized identity (DID) app that is built from blockchain technology. It is claimed that the app offers COVID-19 contact tracing that is non-public and safe. In an announcement made yesterday (Aug 19), the Jeju Province and a blockchain company in South Korea known as ICONLOOP has sealed a deal that guarantees the establishment of this project.

Before this week ends, visitors are expected to download the Zzeung mobile app as they reach the island and also pass through the identity test which will be done with a Korean telecom service. Efforts to avoid passing fake information have already been made.

Zzeung was first created by Korea’s Financial Services Commission to fight financial crime. Because a lot of blockchain projects have been carried out in Jeju, many people prefer to call it the ‘Bit Island.’

Sure privacy except COVID-19 is detected

To use the app, visitors need to have a fingerprint authentication or create a PIN code that will be saved in a private blockchain network. Information about the visitor and where he or she has visited are not mixed so that privacy can be ensured until when there is a confirmed COVID-19 case.

Apart from its use at the Jeju Island, over 50 private businesses are expected to adopt the plan before September. According to Tae-bong Lim, a top official in Jeju Autonomous Province:

“Through this new infectious disease prevention system, Jeju Island will be able to be reborn as a safe and representative tourist destination in Korea.”

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