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PooCoin is a very authentic startup that runs on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The very name of the platform speaks for itself. Creators literary ridicule the low-cap altcoins with no practical application called “shitcoins”. Most often, these coins are nothing more than a copy of popular altcoins. In this sense, PooCoin continues the trolling tradition started by Dogecoin, which is considered to be the founder of memcoins.

Main functions

The main function of PooCoin is to give users access to charts for blockchain tokens on:

  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC);
  • Polygon (Matic);
  • KuChain.

The list of PooCoin project key features includes the following options:

  • Charts is a submenu that displays an asset rate in the selected blockchain.
  • Telegram Price Bot is a bot for price monitoring. You can watch any digital assets from the BSC, Polygon and KuChain networks in live mode.
  • Multi-Chart is a service for simultaneous work with several charts.
  • Trending is a rating of the most popular digital assets. Here’s also a useful option of sorting by mentions and views.
  • Sniper Bot Watcher checks tokens for their launch by a bot, which lets you avoid fraudulent projects.
  • Ape is a service for searching for new tokens.
  • Toilet is an income farming option.
  • Rug Check is a transaction history option. You can watch selected tokens analyzing the information from open sources.
  • External Tools is a list of external tools for working with cryptocurrency.

PooCoin also has a separate trade page. Developers made a full-fledged DEX. To start trading on a decentralized exchange you just need to connect one of the available wallets to your account. The following are currently available:

  • MetaMask;
  • TrustWallet;
  • WalletConnect;
  • Binance Chain Wallet.

Project participants also get access to POOCOIN tokens. In May 2021 its value set an all-time high at $15.50, but at the time of writing the coin is trading at $0.91. Total POOCOIN tokens offer is not available at the moment. Maximum offer of 10,000,000 POOCOIN coins is available.


PooCoin is a service with many features, the list of which is constantly updated. In particular, there is an option that lets users see entry points directly on the chart to make it easier to track the trade progress. Sniper Bot Watcher also detects bots that are involved in the sniper token launch. There is also an exchange option available right in the PooCoin app. On the external tools page you will also see a ton of other useful tools in a single interface.
So PooCoin is a really authentic service with many necessary options. You can make a test venture investment and watch the dynamics.
In addition to the features described, PooCoin also offers several top features to coin holders. POOCOIN/BNB liquidity of $100 or more in the pool lets you track other traders’ wallets and disables ads. POOCOIN/BNB liquidity of $300 or more in the pool displays the user’s transactions and activates the wallet transaction tab. If you have at least $ 2,000, a top range of privileges opens up, including access to popular websites and TOP 100 tokens charts.


This DeFi service provides access to a huge number of decentralized finance services. You can track token quotes on the DEX, analyze charts, and more. The toolkit lets you follow your trading strategy as efficiently as possible, engage in profitable farming and gain access to other valuable resources.
Despite the fact that DeFi is considered a high-risk investment sector, there are already a lot of positive reviews about working with the platform. The toolkit was appreciated by both experienced investors and traders, as well as novice crypto enthusiasts.

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