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PooDoge – a new portfolio to track your crypto, based on the meme-coin Dogechain. POO DOGE price was $0.0000001119, back on the launch day. A multi wallet solution, for keeping track of your savings.

Poodoge.net crypto – great Charting Service and Trusted portfolio tracker

Poo doge coin is considered as utility token and product market, created on new Dogechain network, from the Boolish developers, who made first Poocoin Portfolio tracker. As Dogechain is a new system, there are currently quite a bit features available comparing to the original chain. Poodoge.net crypto, got smart modules that allow you to control any type of token held in different wallets.

POO DOGE token main features

• Safe and Secure – Liquidity provider is locked for future distribution. POO DOGE token is a Safe contract with Anti-Bot & Anti-Whale protection. Doxxed team who already presented active projects.

• Portfolio and Charts real time tracker.

Keep track of all your tokens in one place, with real time value information in USD, now optimized for mobile devices.

• Crypto Holders Benefits – amazing features as Buy Dots and Rug Check, exclusively for Poo Doge holders.

• Direct Ad space with Buyback and Burn option

Stakin crypto – POO DOGE is ready for staking through 3rd party services. Future option for in-app staking is in development.

Built-in swap function, made for trading all your crypto in one place with ease – also in development.

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