Poloniex Includes The DEC DeFi Token

Poloniex crypto exchange now has an additional DeFi token on its innovation zone.

Poloniex has confirmed to the public that the Decentr token is now on its DeFi Innovations Zone.

Decentr platform is a place to keep data safe and make money from using the internet. One can purchase data with the native token called DEC and users who sell data can also get paid with the DEC token. Poloniex says the DEC is a unit for measuring user’s data. Depending on how users perform on the Decentr platform, their personal data vale (PDV) can either appreciate or depreciate. Those whose PDV values appreciate will have more DEC tokens to spend.

The most recent DeFi project from Poloniex happens to be  DEC. This recent addition is a way of extending the exchange’s support for DeFi.

Betting on the outcome of the November 2020 elections is also available on Poloniex. Users can predict if President Trump will win or lose on the innovation zone by using the assets TRUMPWIN and TRUMPLOSE

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