Police Prevent Firebombing of a Nebraskan Pharmacy by Dark Web Criminals

William Burgamy and Hyrum Wilson have agreed that they wanted to firebomb a drug store in Nebraska.

While one of the two is a pharmacist in Nebraskan, the other one is a known drug dealer in the dark web. They pled guilty yesterday (July 13) for trying to firebomb a business that was doing well.

The U.S. Department of Justice found out that William Burgamy from Maryland was purported to manage an unapproved site where some drugs such as oxycodone were sold. The name of this site is NeverPressedRX.

William Burgamy gets drugs from Hyrum Wilson who manages the Hyrum’s Family Value Pharmacy. These men were accused of making secret plans to firebomb a Nebraskan pharmacy simply because they saw it as a competition. Unfortunately for them, their acts were uncovered before they could launch an attack.

Changing their monies to cryptocurrency

The U.S. Attorney’s office also said these men were guilty of money laundering. It said the two had made a profit of $1 million from their business and changed it to Bitcoins before transferring to different accounts.

According to the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, G. Zachary Terwilliger:

“Those potentially deadly plans were successfully thwarted during the early stages of the pandemic. This case highlights elements of EDVA’s national security, narcotics, cyber, financial, and violent crime work, all of which can only be performed with the tenacity and skilled investigative efforts demonstrated by our law enforcement partners.”

It was revealed by KSNB Local 4 that Burgamy got a surprise attack from the authorities. They discovered he had eight filled weapons, bottles, lighter fluid, and body armor. The text messages they found on his phone revealed what these weapons were meant to be used for.

Wilson and Burgamy have been prosecuted for money laundering, drug trafficking, and for having the intention to use explosives secretly. They may be sentenced to jail for a maximum of 60 years in November because each of the charges carry up to 20 years imprisonment penalty.

Not long ago, two Nigerians were exiled from Dubai to the U.S. because of their alleged involvement in some crimes. They used Gemini exchange to change the millions of dollars they had to BTC.

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