Police in Russia Arrest One-time Post Office Manager

One-time post office chief has been arrested by the police for mining crypto at work.

The police in Russia started their investigation against one of the former post office chiefs who managed a local branch. His crimes were: mining crypto during work hours and doing so with the office’s network. His place of work was in a town called Mineralnye Vody in the Southern part of Russia.

RNS local news agency in Russia made it known that after an investigation, the former post office chief was accused of having in his possession, a sophisticated hardware which used the company’s electricity for almost half a year. The investigation revealed that this started no later than September 2019.

The cost of damages

The former chief is said to have used electricity that is worth a minimum of 30,000 Russian rubles (or 427.50 USD) since the time he started.

The chief is likely going to be charged with “abuse of power” according to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The investigative team is still looking for more evidence. The police feel it is not yet time to reveal the identity of the person since the investigation is not yet concluded.

More Cases unfolded in Russia

This is not the first of its kind in Russia. Earlier in March, the Police reported that some bitcoin miners consumed power from the national grid to the tune of $200,000 every month.

These miners were located in 8 strategic locations where they could easily tap electricity that was distributed to the public.

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