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Podia is a unique platform that combines several functions. The main function is providing tools for creating and selling educational courses. The company was founded in 2014, and today its development is actively gaining momentum in popularity. The system offers a comprehensive set of tools:

  1. For creating training programs;
  2. For web construction;
  3. For email marketing;
  4. For communication with students;
  5. For encouraging members.

At the moment, the platform offers three paid service packages. You can pay for them by credit card or with PayPal. Customers are also provided with a free 14-day trial without entering credit card details.


Despite the fact that at first glance Podia-com offers a standard set of features, on closer inspection the system pleasantly surprises with a number of competitive advantages:

  • Creating several courses at once;
  • Splitting the course into separate stages;
  • Complex multi-channel communication with students;
  • Issuing certificates and membership registration;
  • Comprehensive knowledge base;
  • Training courses for clients;
  • Competent support online and by phone;
  • Rich marketing tools;
  • Wide range of integrations;
  • Unlimited file storage.

The demo version for evaluating the functionality of the platform is an important plus of the Podia system. You can test it without registration. Also on the website you can read the success stories of Podia users.


Podia offers three service suites. The terms are presented below.


  • Monthly billing: 39 USD;
  • Annual billing: 390 USD;
  • Unlimited goods, clients, messages, transactions and files;
  • Zero transaction fees (excluding provider fees);
  • Free migrations;
  • Technical support 24/7;
  • Daily Live Q&A;
  • Admin account with customizable access level: 20 USD per month;
  • Selling online courses, digital goods, webinars;
  • Custom website;
  • Messaging with clients;
  • Advertising mailing;
  • Unlimited Email subscribers;
  • Limit of Email recipients: 5.000 per month.


  • Monthly billing: 79 USD
  • Annual billing: 790 USD
  • All Mover options;
  • Membership and coaching sessions selling;
  • Issuance of course certificates;
  • Affiliate Marketing;
  • Embedded checkout;
  • Third-party code;
  • Limit of Email recipients: 15,000 per month.


  • Monthly billing: 179 USD
  • Annual billing: 1790 USD
  • All Shaker options;
  • 5 free admin accounts;
  • Limit of Email recipients: 50,000 per month;
  • White label website;
  • Dedicated account manager;
  • Individual onboarding session;
  • Monthly group call.

You can test all tariff plans for free within 14 days after registration.


The Podia platform has great functionality. Let’s try to list the key ones.

Course creation from A to Z

Immediately after registration, you will be taken to the Podia dashboard. There is a step-by-step training course constructor. It is enough to click on the “Create” – “Products” button, after which the window for creating a new course opens.

A product on the platform means any educational information content in any form. This could be an online course, a digital product, a seminar, or a bundle of products.

Site creation

Podia-com has a full-fledged website builder that lets you customize individual sections of a web resource, select color, font, graphic and video content. You can add your information products directly to the website. All this can be realized through the left control panel. This should not be difficult for a user with minimal experience with CMS.

Membership plans

The membership lets you build a full-fledged community of like-minded people and monetize it. This option can be easily integrated with your website and courses on it. Membership provides an opportunity to create a high-quality community, and tariff plans – to receive constant income from members. But free plans are also possible. As for the paid membership, you need to connect Stripe to activate this feature.

Please note that it is no longer possible to change the price of a plan after creation. You can only delete the plan and create a new one.

Posting and comments

On the Podia platform, you can create and publish posts, thus forming a full-fledged blog. These can be both ordinary text notes and video materials. A pinned post option is provided. In this case, after adding a post participants will be notified.

Access to some posts can be restricted by the terms of the membership plan. You can create both public and restricted content.

All user comments are also available in a single interface, which lets you process this information in a convenient format.


Podia has an entire functional section dedicated to promoting your online school. You can easily integrate a checkout form on a third-party website or organize bulk mailing to a list of targeted contacts. The platform provides a built-in application for emails, although you can use third-party developments such as MailChimp and Drip. At the same time, the built-in mailing tool, judging by the reviews, is quite functional, so there will be plenty of it for many.

Email tools will help you to create any advertising material – emails, newsletters, special offers. It has several interesting features. For example, you can design full-fledged sales funnels, taking into account the individual parameters of the client. As a trigger you can use a simple click to a cancelled subscription.

Affiliate program

The Podia has an affiliate marketing program that opens up additional opportunities for promotion. It is very easy to use the affiliate tool. You choose the size of the affiliate bonus in USD or percentge.


Powerful marketing potential, user-friendly course builder and flexible customization have made Podia a popular learning platform. For relatively little money you can purchase a basic package of tools and create a full-fledged online school right now. Podia also provides access to analytical data. You can see all the dynamics of subscribers and a number of other parameters.

Podia-com is a system that is constantly being improved without losing its simplicity in everyday use. According to numerous reviews and reviews, this is one of the most democratic and high-quality offers in the online education niche.

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