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The podcastics-com is a platform designed for hosting and managing podcasts. The system offers a whole set of tools for effectively promoting audio content on popular podcast platforms. A user-friendly interface, an easy-to-use editor and a professional support service became the basis for the popularization of the podcastics.com platform among users from North America and Europe. At the same time, the Podcastics service is positioned as international, and the official website is available in English and French.

Hosting services are provided on a paid basis within 3 paid tariff plans. You can pay for a subscription by credit card or PayPal. All pricing plans have a free trial for 1 month.


At the moment, podcastics-com offers the richest set of features that will be useful when working with podcasts. Below are the main tools and options of the system:

  1. Podcast editor. Lets the publisher manage their podcast in a user-friendly interface changing a title, description, author data, social links, artwork and other parameters of an episode.
  2. Multi-control. Through a single multifunctional cabinet each creator manages any number of paid and free podcasts, switching between them with one click.
  3. Import to third party services. It is enough to enter the first letters, and the system will instantly capture the podcast name with all the data and import it into a third-party service such as Apple Podcasts and others.
  4. Importing an RSS feed. This option is relevant for those users who already have their own RSS feed. It is enough to copy the URL and the system will automatically import all the data.
  5. Comprehensive statistics. Podcastics provides administrators with such data as a listeners quantity, a user’s geolocation and the operating system used. It is also possible to visually compare statistics on a weekly basis.
  6. Heat map. The platform presents statistics in the form of a visual heat map, which makes it possible to identify the most active and the quietest hour of a week. Also, the creator has access to averages per day and per hour in real time.
  7. Advanced editing. With this feature the podcast creator can enhance the look of podcasts with links, bold text, lists and other essential elements.
  8. Quick search. The smart search engine lets you grab the title of the desired podcast by literally entering the first few letters. This seemingly insignificant convenience in practice increases the speed of working with podcasts.
  9. Life streaming. Podcastics lets you publish episodes as live broadcasts, which creates additional interest for your target audience.
  10. Access system. A creator can give access to podcasts to trusted users. There are 3 statuses available: administrator, manager and analyst.
  11. Mobile version of the service. The creator has seamless access to podcasts, analytics, website, players and other options in the Podcastics mobile interface.

Pricing plan

The podcastics-com offers 3 paid plans. The terms for each of the service suites are listed below.


  • Price: 4 USD per month;
  • Import existing podcasts from Apple Podcasts and other third-party RSS
  • Unlimited episodes;
  • Automatic generation of an RSS file with all podcast data;
  • Categorization of episodes by series;
  • Detailed statistics and analytics of the podcast audience;
  • Activity heatmap;
  • Fully customizable audio player;
  • Convenient and friendly website for hosting podcasts and shows;
  • “Magic Links” and QR codes with automatic redirection to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and the website;
  • Deep website customization (color scheme, CSS);
  • Site content management (text, polls, graphics);
  • Social networks posts integration;
  • User reviews and episode ratings;
  • Listener comments;
  • Subscription to podcasts;
  • Notifying subscribers when new episodes are released;
  • System of global notifications and private messages;
  • Convenient sharing on social networks;
  • Monetization (links to Patreon, PayPal or Tipeee);
  • Permission for third-party users;
  • Personalized podcast publication for the client;
  • Basic technical support.

Important: the disadvantage of the basic pricing plan is that the hosting is not provided. You need to place links on the third-party server.


  • Price: 8 USD per month;
  • All options of the Premium pricing plan;
  • Automatic import and hosting of podcasts;
  • Unlimited storage;
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Powerful Amazon servers;
  • Content delivery network (8 data centers in Europe and North America).


  • Price: 39 USD per month;
  • All options of the Pro tariff plan;
  • Priority technical support;
  • Content delivery network (35 data centers around the world).

There is also a dedicated Podcast Archive plan for those publishers who have stopped producing podcasts but want to retain access to previously downloaded podcasts. The terms for this plan are as follows:

  • Price: 5 USD per month;
  • All functions of the Pro pricing plan;
  • Full statistics;
  • Customizable audio player;
  • Complete website;

When deciding to resume broadcasting, the user can switch to the Pro or Max tariff plan at any time. This plan is relevant for those who have an RSS feed or featured on Apple Podcasts shows.


Podcastics-com is a competitive audio streaming management software. The website has high-quality tools that can be used to implement both a small amateur project and a full-fledged channel with numerous shows. When it comes to pricing, podcastics.com practices unprecedented democracy. The basic service suite costs just $ 4 per month, which is one of the most affordable deals on the market. And this despite the fact that the extended suite will cost only twice as much, and the premium one will cost less than $ 40. Obviously, one of the key advantages of the platform is its affordable pricing policy.

You can sign up for the platform right now and use 1 month trial period without entering credit card data. After you appreciate all the advantages of the platform, it will be much easier to make the final decision about using this tool.

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