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Pixpa is a friendly visual website builder designed primarily for those people who work with photography and graphics (photographers, designers, artists). The functionality of the CMS makes it possible not only to create presentable galleries and photo blogs, but also to organize sales using e-commerce extensions. Pixpa-com is designed in the best traditions of drag & drop builders and is characterized by ease of use. Even a beginner without the slightest programming experience can figure out the functionality of this platform and create a high-quality portfolio site.

Pixpa is a paid builder that offers several pricing plans. The user can buy a monthly or annual subscription. You can pay for the service with VISA, Mastercard or American Express. Pixpa also provides a 15-day trial period to give a user time to evaluate benefits of the chosen tariff plan. There is also a 30-day money back period, which is valid from the subscription activation moment.

Platform features

As mentioned above, Pixpa is aimed at customers who work with digital graphic content. The functionality of the website, designed on the platform, lets visitors to view, buy, publish and download any images from any device. At the same time, the Pixpa-based website is optimized for mobile devices and looks presentable both on tablets and smartphones.

As a website administrator you can sell images as digital downloads or printouts. Pixpa-com provides customers with complete e-commerce functionality. Adding a product to the site, managing stock, setting discounts, shipping rates and taxes are as simple as possible. A user can add a gallery to the site and publish a price list with one click. It is possible to automate the printing and images delivering process. A particularly interesting option is personalized gallery apps, which gives site visitors the fastest possible access to the digital merchandise on offer.


Pixpa offers three paid tariff plans for building a website. The terms of service suites are presented below. Prices are based on an annual subscription that lets you save up to 33%.

Personal ($7 per month)

  • Storage for uploads: 1 GB;
  • Website optimization for mobile devices;
  • Aesthetic customizable templates;
  • Content limits: up to 15 pages/galleries;
  • Number of images limits: 200;
  • Connecting a custom domain;
  • Free domain for 1 year (valid when paying for an annual subscription);
  • SSL certificate;
  • Editing CSS and HTML;
  • Advanced search engine optimization;
  • Social networks integration;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Mailing list: basic;
  • 50+ third-party applications;
  • Unlimited blogs and posts;
  • Categories and tags;
  • Scheduled posts option;
  • Customizable sidebar widgets;
  • Items quantity: 5;
  • Selling digital or printed images;
  • No sales commission;
  • Direct payments aggregation;
  • Discount coupons;
  • Tax and transport tariffs setting;
  • Product options;
  • Auto-fulfilment with Print Labs;
  • Sharing images;
  • Simplified checkout;
  • Image comments function;
  • Secure images online delivery;
  • Unlimited public or private albums.

Expert ($ 10 per month)

  • Storage for uploads: 10 GB;
  • All options of the Personal plan;
  • Unlimited content and images;
  • Items quantity: 25;
  • Pop-up advertising: basic functionality;
  • Announcement bar;
  • Mobile information bar;
  • Mailing list: advanced;
  • Website setup service (when paid for an annual subscription);
  • Custom photo apps for clients: 25 apps.

Business ($ 16 per month)

  • Storage for uploads: 50 GB;
  • All options of the Expert plan;
  • Pop-up advertising: advanced functionality;
  • Payment forms;
  • Items quantity: 1000;
  • Advanced discount coupons;
  • Inventory management;
  • Checkout on a custom domain;
  • Abandoned shopping cart recovery;
  • Advanced image comments;
  • Unlimited custom photo apps for clients.

The company also offers clients standalone galleries for photographers. The terms for these service suites are presented below:

  1. Essentials ($ 6 per month). Storage: 10 GB.
  2. Standard ($ 12 per month). Storage: 100 GB.
  3. Growth ($ 18 per month). Storage: 500 GB.
  4. Premium ($ 21 per month). Storage: 1000 GB.
  5. Unlimited ($ 36 per month). Unlimited storage.

All tariff plans include the following options:

  1. Images sharing;
  2. Simplified checkout;
  3. Secure image online delivery;
  4. Unlimited private and public albums;
  5. Mobile optimized albums;
  6. Auto-expire albums;
  7. Client activity monitoring;
  8. Selling images as printouts or downloads;
  9. Auto-fulfilment with Print Labs;
  10. Direct collection of payments;
  11. No sales commissions;
  12. Discount coupons;
  13. Setting taxes and shipping costs;
  14. Checkout on a custom domain;
  15. Abandoned cart auto-recovery;
  16. Mobile gallery applications;
  17. Individual branding (logo and visual style);
  18. Free domain for 1 year (when paid for an annual subscription);
  19. SSL certificate;
  20. 24/7 customer support.

The company also provides preferential terms for students and teachers giving a 50% discount on tariff plans for web-building.


Whether you are into photography, graphic design or digital art, Pixpa is a great base to start your website with. This friendly web-constructor is adapted for managing graphic content (photos, pictures) and offers clients rich functionality for creating their own portfolio, galleries and digital goods store. At the same time, Pixpa’s pricing policy is very democratic. You can start your online business even with a small start-up capital and without deep knowledge of programming. You can test the platform capabilities in trial mode for 15 days.

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