Pitchbox Content Marketing Platform review, pitchbox-com advantages and disadvantages

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Pitchbox is positioned as a content marketing and brand reputation management system created for working with opinion leaders and media. This platform is designed for bloggers, SEO-optimizers, marketers and PR managers. Pitchbox bears some similarities to traditional CRMs in terms of customer relationship management, making it easier for a promoter to find influential authoritative sources to build brand opinion online. At the same time, the functionality of the tool is much wider.

Service users are provided with a demo version of the product to test its capabilities. The product itself is paid. To get the full access a user must directly contact the Pitchbox-com administration. Prices for tariff plans are not published on the official website pitchbox.com. The contract is signed for a period of 12 months, which lets the client fully assess the effectiveness of the instrument over a long period of time.


Pitchbox is a multifunctional platform that includes the following features:

  • Backlink management;
  • Lost links monitoring;
  • Analytics and campaign management;
  • Collaboration tools;
  • Contact database management;
  • CRM functions;
  • Distribution management;
  • Advertising mailing;
  • Customizable search with filters;
  • Agents of influence identification and monitoring;
  • Relationship management with opinion leaders;
  • Partner management;
  • Project management;
  • SEO management.

The goal set by the developers of Pitchbox is to save time for optimizers to analyze large amounts of data related to brand reputation management and its promotion. Pitchbox lets you check the market and identify growth points to create the necessary information field around your brand, product or service.

Using this tool, a user does not waste time processing large amounts of data, focusing on relationships with potential and current customers. The key features of Pitchbox-com are discussed in more detail below.

Promotional campaign management

The main goal of the Pitchbox work campaign is audience reach management. Using the tools available, an optimizer can customize an influencer campaign by managing product posts on blogs and news portals. The tool is extremely simple. You just need to enter the keywords, and the system will do a deep scan of the SERP. Pitchbox in a few minutes after starting a campaign shows all potential customers and influencers in the niche you are interested in. From the moment you first engage in interaction with a client, the system automatically tracks the progress of your campaign.

Pitchbox lets you either generate leads on your own or delegate this process to the system. In manual mode the user selects clients he would like to deal with.

Product overview

One of the useful Pitchbox options is to monitor various product review services through the program interface. With the help of this tool, the optimizer can automatically identify the websites product reviews are published on and select the most organic websites for posting information about the brand promoted. The system automatically selects the optimal platforms for posting reviews that match key queries.

Email campaigns

This feature lets you customize Email templates for sending commercial letters to customers. The user can configure such parameters as the name of the recipient, the client’s company, etc. There is also an opportunity to create additional templates for resending letters in case the addressee did not give an answer after the first letter. Following the additional letter, you can configure the final letter as the last attempt to establish communication with the client.

Email tool lets you automate most of the routine processes, saving a lot of user’s time. Using Pitchbox Email Outreach you can:

  • Schedule a newsletter for any date and time;
  • Track customer responses and carry out subsequent actions on this basis;
  • Integrate a contact list from your own mail into your campaign;
  • Track clicks and responses by evaluating the performance of individual campaigns;
  • Archive records of past customer communications.

Opportunity screen

This option provides a high-quality ordering of the received data. With this feature, the optimizer can learn important information about each prospect and add tags. The system also lets you concretize your search parameters and identify the most relevant opportunities to improve reach indicators. A powerful filtering system makes it possible to select the most effective platforms and opinion leaders for posting information about the brand.


The price of Pitchbox is not so democratic that small projects can afford this tool. The product is designed primarily for professionals. The base monthly tariff for two users is $ 195. Large agencies will be forced to pay from $ 395 per month, and corporate clients – about $ 1,500 per month. At the same time, as already mentioned above, the contract is signed for 12 months, which makes the initial investment quite serious.


Pitchbox is quite a powerful tool for brand, website and product promotion. A multifunctional reputation management system lets you effectively increase the reach of the target audience and competently interact with each individual client. Among the strengths of the tool, it is worth noting:

  1. Convenient one-click bulk mailing;
  2. Automatic tracking of communication with a contact list;
  3. Ease of importing goals by site and influencer.

Pitchbox-com is a product that should be used in conjunction with other SEO tools for maximum impact. But even in its basic form, it can significantly improve a brand’s reputation for potential customers.

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