Pipeline CRM system (formerly PipelineDeals) review, pipelinecrm-com advantages and disadvantages

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Pipeline CRM (formerly PipelineDeals) is an American CRM platform that was launched in 2006 and today is in demand among small and medium-sized businesses. The creators of this software set themselves the task of encouraging small companies to move from traditional spreadsheets to more advanced and functional customer relationship management tools. And they succeeded, because the PipelineCRM-com interface is easy to master even for novice users, and if you have any questions, you can always contact the support team.

The company has packaged its services into several paid tariff plans. You can pay for your subscription by credit card or PayPal. At the same time, a registered client has a 14-day trial period to get acquainted with the CRM functionality and make a final decision to use the service or not.

Interface functional features

Pipeline CRM (formerly PipelineDeals) is perhaps not the most functional solution, due to the lack of a large number of integrations in comparison with other CRMs. At the same time, the basic capabilities of the platform are more than enough for small and medium-sized companies. When you first enter your cabinet, you see a welcome message indicating a number of options for setting up your account, including:

  • adding a deal, client or task;
  • sending an email;
  • additional account parameters.

At the top of the dashboard, there are tabs with tasks, calendar, companies, deals, customers, Emails and reporting. In the upper right corner of the panel you will find a “+” button, by clicking on which you add a new deal, event or customer. By default, the account is filled with sample data for more comfortable acquaintance with the functions. You can delete this data whenver you want.

To many users the Pipeline CRM interface will seem very similar to Excel. Each tab is organized in the same way as in the famous Microsoft program. Each column can be sorted and the data can be filtered in the same way as in Excel. The PipelineCRM-com interface makes it possible to select the desired record in the form of a cell in the table, edit or delete it.

A handy feature of Pipeline CRM is bulk data import using CSV or Vcard. Each record in the system can be filled with an unlimited number of custom fields and tagged for quick and easy searching. For each transaction, a parameter such as a probability percentage can be set, which will help to prioritize work.

In Pipeline CRM, the function of dividing users into roles is well implemented. The system provides 3 categories of users:

  • These users only see their data.
  • This category of users can track the data of their functional department.
  • These users see all the data of all users.

Each new user gets a basic status by default. When inviting a new user, you can grant him administrator rights by opening the ability to delete individual records and generate reports. By the way, you can form the latter after collecting a sufficient amount of data. In the corresponding menu you will see active transactions in the form of a transaction stages histogram, as well as a report on the activity and a transactions scoreboard. This visual information will optimize many marketing processes.


The Pipeline CRM (formerly PipelineDeals) platform has three pricing plans that are offered to customers on the following terms.


  • Price: $ 25 per month;
  • Customizable deal stages;
  • Unlimited number of leads, contacts, deals and companies;
  • Unlimited file storage;
  • Official mobile app;
  • Unlimited custom reports and dashboards;
  • Data import and export using MS Excel or third-party CRM;
  • Automation of basic processes;
  • Targeted and personalized email campaigns.


  • Price: $ 33 per month;
  • All STARTER options;
  • Multiple sales pipelines;
  • Customer management;
  • Manage milestones, deadlines and tracking status;
  • Tracking the account health;
  • Customize revenue types;
  • SuperShare for easy collaboration and quick deals.


  • Price: $ 49 per month;
  • All DEVELOP options;
  • Automation of tasks;
  • Sales analytics;
  • Multi-currency reports;
  • Performance pulse;
  • Hindsight analysis.


The CRM user is able to connect his email and contact list linked to it through Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Outlook or Exchange. After integration, in the corresponding menu, you have the opportunity:

  1. to set up an Email signature;
  2. to create mail templates;
  3. to view email performance metrics;
  4. to use tracked mailings;
  5. to generate documents for further analytics;
  6. and much more.

If you use Google or Outlook calendars, in Pipeline CRM you have the opportunity to integrate them into your account. All tasks and events will be automatically synchronized with CRM and with the corresponding contacts from your list. Separately, it is worth talking about the Connect function, which makes it possible to integrate any IMAP service into the system, including Outlook and Gmail, turning your mail into a smart mailbox.

Overall, the system provides dozens of integrations such as MailChimp, RightSignature, Zapier and QuickBooks Online Plus. There are also a number of specific integrations like Google Apps, Bitium and Help Scout. All these options are paid, but often necessary to expand the functionality of CRM.


The target audience of the Pipeline CRM (formerly PipelineDeals) software product is small and medium-sized companies. With the software you can store data on contacts and deals in a single user-friendly interface, creating informative reports and making smart business decisions. If you have any difficulties, you can always contact the support service by phone. And even despite the lack of third-party integrations and active professional community, PipelineCRM-com still remains one of the most successful solutions for small companies that need to automate the communication processes with their customers.

You can evaluate the system’s capabilities right now. Just sign up and take advantage of the 14-day free trial.

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