Pipedrive CRM system review, pipedrive-com advantages and disadvantages

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Pipedrive is a universal CRM system designed for optimizing sales management and customer interaction. The program automatically monitors all communication channels (telephony, Email) and synchronizes data in a single interface. An advantage of this CRM in comparison with competitors is the visualization of sales tunnels for a deeper understanding of the target audience.

At the moment, the system offers 4 tariff plans. The subscription can be paid for by credit card or PayPal. You can also test the system for a 14-day free trial without entering your credit card data.


Pipedrive-com features an ergonomic interface and a pleasant design. The system is easy for a novice user to understand, but at the same time it cannot be called primitive.


A key feature of Pipedrive is the visualization of the transaction pipeline. The first thing users see when they log in is a standard sales pipeline. It is on this element that CRM developers place particular emphasis, providing ease of setup and movement of transactions along the pipeline with a simple dragging and dropping.

Client base

The system provides a number of functions that will facilitate organizing of the contact base, teams and communication between them. There is a convenient function of scheduling contacts, which organizes the employees work and increases the level of planning. In turn, the Smart Contact Data function will collect information about your contacts for a deeper understanding of each individual customer. There is also a system for identifying and combining duplicate contacts, which corresponds t0 “1 employee per 1 client” principle.

CRM lets you create and export lists using filters. The parameters for mass export to third-party services are presented in the upper right corner of the control panel.


Pipedrive has a wealth of capabilities for working with teams, such as:

  • extended and limited access;
  • tracking the employees success/failure;
  • creation of individual tasks.


Making a deal in the Pipedrive-com interface is easy. Just click “Add Deal” at the top of the “Deals” page, indicate the contact person, organization, current stage of the sales funnel and approximate date of making a deal. After that, a new deal will appear in the pipeline. At Pipedrive, the interface is thought out to the smallest detail. Users appreciate the convenience of a pop-up icon that appears next to each deal. In this window you can immediately assess whether there are any activities related to the transaction in your schedule.

Mail and calendar

Separately, it is worth noting the importance of such a tab as Mail, which facilitates the letters tracking process. The convenience of this menu is that all mail and event calendars are automatically synchronized with external services such as iCloud, Microsoft Office and Google. The user does not need to switch between different services, as everything is available in a single interface. Moreover, all letters that you send from third-party services will request to be linked to specific deals or contacts in CRM. In this case, the user can add a new action or view the list of actions. The visual design is done very well, which facilitates the information perception.

A whole library of Email templates is available to Pipedrive users. It is also possible to create your own. Images, links, and text can be used as the letter signature. Also you can customize the letter using the appropriate contact fields.


In the “Statistics” section, the user can track the value of a deal, the number of deals concluded by each employee, a summary of actions and the number of successful / unsuccessful deals. Data filters are available by project, by time frame and by pipeline. Pipedrive provides all the tools for a detailed statistics analysis.


Pipedrive is offered in 4 paid plans. The terms are presented below.


  • Price: € 12.50 per month;
  • Deals management;
  • Customizable sales funnels and fields;
  • Data import and export;
  • Merge duplicate data;
  • Contact and organization management;
  • Deal rotting;
  • Email inbox;
  • Emails linked to contacts and deals;
  • Meeting planner (basic functions);
  • Calendar view and activity management;
  • Contacts map;
  • File attachments;
  • Sales Assistant;
  • Activity reminder notifications;
  • API access;
  • Webhooks;
  • Reports on deals and activities;
  • Visual dashboards: 1;
  • Dashboard links for sharing;
  • Company and user goals;
  • Open API and integrations;
  • User access and device logs;
  • Two-factor authentication login;
  • Advanced user permissions: 2 sets;
  • World-class data storage;
  • SOC 2 compliant;
  • AES-256 encryption;
  • Native mobile apps for Android / iOS;
  • Real time synchronization across all devices;
  • Caller ID linked to deals and activities;
  • Automatic call logging;
  • Client location on maps;
  • Synchronization of contacts and calendar with Google and Microsoft;
  • Synchronization with Google Disk;
  • Chrome extension for Gmail;
  • Marketplace with 150+ integrations;
  • Supporting of 16 languages;
  • Customer support 24/7;
  • Online Help Center;
  • Access to the developer center.


  • Price: 24.90 euros per month;
  • All Essential plan options;
  • Catalog;
  • Two-way email synchronization;
  • Customizable Email templates;
  • Merge fields;
  • Email opening and click tracking;
  • Sales documents;
  • Auto-fill templates and offline documents;
  • Integration with Google Disk and OneDrive;
  • Document opening tracking (unlimited in beta);
  • Customizable signatures;
  • Workflow automation: 30;
  • Smart contact data;
  • Important fields;
  • Recurring revenue reports;
  • SAML-based SSO (single sign-on);
  • Web calls to a mobile phone.


  • Price: 49.90 euros per month;
  • All options of the Advanced plan;
  • Group Emails;
  • eSignatures: unlimited;
  • Caller ;
  • Meeting planner (all functions);
  • Corporate-wide sharing of documents and templates;
  • White label sending and signing;
  • Automation of work processes: 60;
  • Lead reports (under development);
  • Custom fields and reports;
  • Visual dashboards: unlimited;
  • Team management;
  • Team goals;
  • Security panel;
  • Security alerts;
  • Safety rules;
  • Advanced user permissions: 3 sets;
  • Advanced deal and contact visibility settings.


Price: 99 euros per month;

All options of the Professional plan;

Workflow automation: 100;

Advanced user permissions: unlimited.

Moreover, all tariff plans include the following options:

  1. GDPR compliance;
  2. 24/7 customer support;
  3. Mobile applications for iOS / Android;
  4. 150+ apps and integrations;
  5. US and EU data storage and processing centers;
  6. Open API.

Also, for an additional fee, you can get such add-ons as Leadbooster (for more efficient lead generation) and “Web Visitors” (for a deeper analysis of visitors).


Pipedrive CRM is easy to use thanks to its user-friendly and well thought-out interface. According to reviews, a user quickly gets used to the system and does not need additional study of the platform. That is why Pipedrive is considered the optimal solution for small and medium-sized businesses that have limited financial, time and human resources. For small companies it is important to get an effective solution out of the box, and Pipedrive 100% satisfies them.

Pipedrive-com will delight you with its rich sales management tools and loyal pricing policy. You can take advantage of the free 14-day access right now.

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