Piers Morgan Makes his Big Announcement

The famous British journalist, Piers Morgan, has tweeted concerning his upcoming announcement for a book he wrote. His tweet explains that his new book isn’t about Bitcoin.

Piers Morgan, a British TV personality and writer for newspapers, magazines and others made an anticipated announcement on July 16. His followers had predicted he was going to make an announcement concerning cryptocurrency but it did not turn out to be so. 

Morgan has decided to launch a book titled ‘Wake Up.’ Instead of crypto, this book talks about the “liberal war” and COVID-19

The social media anticipated that Morgan’s announcement would be related to crypto simply because he made a tweet saying he would make a “big announcement.” They misunderstood what he meant by “big announcement.”

About the Twitter hack

Morgan’s replies were full of jokes about the recent Twitter scam that purported to give free Bitcoins. July 15 marks the day several notable Twitter accounts were hacked to announce Bitcoin freebies.

Morgan has been linked to creating Bitcoin stories more than once. Beginning from 2017, scammers have used his name to announce money making strategies.

As a result of the rising cases of crypto-related scam adverts, the United Kingdom Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) started up something on June 16 to identify and eradicate any advert on the Internet that looks fraudulent.

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