Peter Schiff Asks for Son’s Birthday Gifts in BTC

Peter Schiff is in the news again

Peter Schiff who always has something new to say about financial activities and gold has asked Bitcoin owners to send some to his son for his 18th birthday celebration.

Schiff said:

“Since so many of you Bitcoin guys are ribbing me because my son [Spencer Schiff] bought Bitcoin, why not really rub it in by gifting him some as a belated birthday present.” Spence Schiff celebrated his 18th birthday on August 26, 2020. After saying “He won’t lose his,” Peter Schiff went ahead to post his son’s wallet address.

Schiff, in his tweet, was referring to a gold enthusiast who bought some BTC and lost it. Angrily, the gold enthusiast tweeted this in January: “I knew owning Bitcoin was a bad idea, I just never realized it was this bad.”

Schiff’s son had 0.0627 BTC at the time when the announcement was made.

Schiff is one of those who has often said gold is better than Bitcoin as an asset for investment. Schiff thinks that people who invest in Bitcoin only do so to become rich quickly. His view is contrary to that of Anthony Pompliano who believes that Bitcoin is something to invest in to escape the effects of fiat currency devaluation.

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