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PERFIL.TOP is hosting company that offer the following services: Shared Hosting. Their servers are placed in next locations: Porto, London.

Perfil.Top provides a very intuitive WYSIWYG’s (abbr. What You See Is What You Get) website builder – “drag and drop style” – and a solid technical support behind, for its customers. Here are some of the features of what we offer:
Website in 1-2-3 easy steps with Easy Builder!..

With our built Easy Builder editor, you may actually do your website in 3 phases (aprox. 10 minutes, if it’s a first draft):
First choose your pre-made template from dozens of major categories or you can import the template model from another website (great tool – in beta stage testing – for migrating from another provider to Easy Bulder). Second, make the necessary changes you find suitable (like background, images, effects, font and color texts, etc.) with some simple clicks – what you are seeing is going to be the actual result your visitors will see (thus the WYSIWYG abbr.). Third (and final), just publish it or keep the drafts. A temporary “Under construction” page takes about 5 minutes to achieve.
The main advantages of Easy Builder are simplifying what is usually complicated and time consuming to program, and allow you to make your design idea alive, with intuitive and simple tools (yet complete). Using our publisher, host your website in a Domain of your choice or in a Subdomain of the type

Features Keywords
The plans we propose, are both versatile and intuitive in their use. Some of its strengths and essentials keywords assets are: Simple – Intuitive – Practical – Professional – Complete – Versatile – Moldable – Quick – Polyvalent – Reachable – In evolution – Customizable – Unique – Imaginative – Safe.

Take yourself to another level
With any of our plans (from Free to Pro), you have the possibility of an easy design through our intuitive drag-and-drop editor (drag and drop the contents wherever you want, with easy text editing and visual modification) with the WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) system, ideal if you are not a webdesigner with much experience making it attractive, elegant and efficient in a personal way – as in a professional one. You have at your disposal, according to the plans, the right tools to work with and to achieve your goal.

Price versus Quality
You can have a solid presence on the web completely affordable and professional. But if you need more, our plans are completely flexible and can be upgraded (or canceled) any time. The unique features of Easy Builder are unlimited for an unique price. We gathered several prices on the market, with similar (or even less) capabilities, and we are sure we’re offering a competetive option.

We cannot ensure 24/7 Live chat support unfortunatly, since that really depends on the time zone of the users and our team. But we can ensure 24/7 email support, with answers within 2 to 8 hours top (garanty for premium users).


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