Pavel Durov Says Telegram is Not for Sale Although TON Didn’t Succeed

The CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, has assured all its supporters that Telegram is not for sale.

.The CEO said people should disregard any rumors purporting that Telegram will be sold because its blockchain dream failed.

On August 5, iXBT revealed that, a Russia-based internet company was trying to buy Telegram. Apart from this company, it is said that an individual has also shown interest in the messaging platform. The person who made this information known is also a Russian by name, Kirill Promzin, whose profession is to trade and analyze the crypto market. It can be recalled that iXBT carried Promzin’s forecast of the 2017 bitcoin bull run which he made as early as 2012. In fact, it was even said that Promzin mentioned that Bitcoin would reach $20,000.

As soon as the CEO of Telegram got wind of what iXBT reported about his company, he didn’t deny the fact that people were pricing the messaging platform but assured everyone that not one of the proposals is being considered. He also admitted that the U.S. government is planning to ban China-based TikTok from the country.

Concerning the rumors that Telegram may soon be sold, Durov said:

“We are not selling Telegram – neither in part, nor in full. This will always be our position.”

The rumor gained weight probably because Telegram discontinued the test network for the Telegram Open Network (TON) on the first day of August as it had earlier announced a month ago.

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